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Topic: Should I (not) Upgrade to Gigastudio?

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    Should I (not) Upgrade to Gigastudio?

    I\'ve got Gigasampler on a PIII450, 128RAM, and it works fine, along with Logic Gold (which I use just for sequencing, no audio). Am thinking of upgrading to Gigastudio. Does Gigastudio use a lot more processor power than Gigasampler (assuming you\'re not increasing the instruments or polyphony or adding FXs in a given situation), or is it the same, just different features, etc. Or would I have to upgrade my computer as well?

    Also, I am thinking of switching to Cubase 5, as I never really got use to Logic. Would this add more stress to my computer, or no difference?

    Lastly, I would like to be able to run at least a couple of audio tracks. Is anyone doing this successfully with Gigasampler or Gigastudio and Cubase 5?

    Thank you very much,

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    Re: Should I (not) Upgrade to Gigastudio?

    There are some people on this forum who are running Gigastudio with a slower computer then yours but I recommend at least a 600 MHz with 2 hard drives (one for programs, one for just audio) and 128 megs is fine to start. If you do big orchestral stuff and use large samples then you will probably need to add more ram. The Gigapiano alone takes up 23% of memory I believe, but then again it is 1 gigabyte large.
    There is a post on this forum from a guy named Neno that is called GSFix that\'s supposed to help Gigastudio add more polyphony and tighten up timing problems for people with slower computers such as yours.
    I would highly recommend upgrading to Gigastudio because it offers alot more features such as more polyphony, 32 midi channels, and a cool \'Quicksound\' feature that allows you to type in any sample you want and it will pop up.
    I will say the faster your processor, the better results you will have.
    I currently run a Hewlett Packard 600 MHz Pentium 3, 2 hard drives (8 gig for programs and 30 gig for samples and audio), 128 megs ram and have had great results. I do think down the line once I get some orchestral libraries and my compositions become larger, I will need 256 megs of ram.
    I have had no problems using audio wave files along with Cakewalk and Gigastudio, but I have read a post about a guy who did have some problems with Logic and Gigastudio when using wave files. The problem might have been fixed though since Gigastudio replaced the last beta version with the newer update 2.01.26.
    Hope that helps! Good Luck!

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    Re: Should I (not) Upgrade to Gigastudio?

    According to Nemesys, on the same PC Gigastudio will perform the same as Gigasampler - if you don\'t use the NFX or extra polyphony.

    I haven\'t had any luck doing audio and Gigstudio myself, but Nenad Siskov has made a utility which he says makes this a possibility (I just haven\'t had the guts to throw it into my system without a comment from Nemesys).

    This was his post elsewhere:

    GS works on one computer with optimum performance !!!

    - loaded sounds 85%
    - 1 reverb
    - 1 delay
    - 160 poly
    - 64 channels
    - perfect timing
    - 24 audio channels + FX + LM4 or other plugin.

    HOW is this possible?

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    Re: Should I (not) Upgrade to Gigastudio?

    There\'s more at issue than speed, etc. There are some serious differences between GigaSampler and GigaStudio, a lot of different code. One major difference bit me in the rear! GigaSampler uses the Endless Wave Driver as a MIDI router; GigaStudio uses the Nemesys MIDI Ports. They are different. When I was using GigsSampler I was fine, but when I bought GigaStudio 96 Cakewalk stopped playing audio. It was because of the Nemesys MIDI Ports. If I disabled them it played audio fine. So I could use GigaStudio or Cakewalk but not both! Ouch!

    Fortunately Kevin at Nemesys suggested I try Hubi\'s Midi Loopback, a freeware midi router. It works great, so now I leave the Nemesys MIDI ports disabled and use Hubi to route. And plus you get 4 sends with Hubi so it\'s one step closer to GigaStudio 160 from GigaStudio 96. I wouldn\'t get near 160 poliphony anyway but now I can do more complex routing on a less expensive product.

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