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Topic: MIdi Mixer and Volume Control problem

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    MIdi Mixer and Volume Control problem

    How come when I set the levels in the midi mixer ( I am talking about the sliders), they always revert to 90, when I play my sequencer into gigastudio.


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    Re: MIdi Mixer and Volume Control problem

    When you are running a sequencer program with Gigastudio, then the volumes of each track on your sequencer should set up the volume sliders in Gigastudio. For another words, your sequencer program will move the sliders automatically in Gigastudio for each channel.

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    Re: MIdi Mixer and Volume Control problem

    Having a problem with the coarse tuning setting after loading in a saved performance--everything is down an octave. the performance was not saved that way, and there are no MIDI messages being sent by the sequencer. It\'s annoying and time consuming to manually change 64 faders. Any global settings or prefs that would corect this?


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