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Topic: VRSound HipHop library problem

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    VRSound HipHop library problem

    Hey, folks,

    I bought the native Giga version of this library, and I\'ve noticed that a lot of the samples have \"clicks\" at the end of them. Has anyone else encountered this?

    I tried editing the EG/LFO1 parameters, but to no avail. I now suspect that the wav files themselves may be poorly trimmed (i.e. not at zero crossings or whatever).

    So last night I downloaded and installed a wav editor (I\'m a Mac guy, so this is all new territory for me.). But when the instrument editor \"summons\" it to edit a sound, it won\'t play back the sounds! The error message \"the selected playback device is in use.\" Well, of course it is! That\'s the GigaStudio. So I can\'t even audition sounds in the editor unless I quit the Giga application. And even then, the wave editor plays the sounds SO LOUD that it\'s unusable. There\'s a \"volume edit\" page, but it opens with missing controls, so I\'m just SOL.

    I don\'t know if these problems are just specific to *this* particular wave editor (GoldWave 4.26), but I\'m in the middle of a big project, and I don\'t have any more time to waste on this nonsense....

    The real issue is *VRSounds HipHop*. I\'d welcome feedback from any of you.



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    Re: VRSound HipHop library problem

    Kevin on the Tascam forum might be the one to help with this. My guess is that you need a multiclient soundcard to have two apps using it at the same time. As far as volume controls go, most editors have a couple of slider controlling the output level. Maybe you need to download Goldwave again.

    You could also try the Sound Forge editor demo. I think it and the Steinberg one (Wavelab) are the two most popular audio editors around. When you do get them going, all you should need to do is choose \'edit sample\' from the wav pool in the Giga editor, do the edit in the audio editor, and save from the audio editor. Once you save in the audio editor that change is reflected in the wav in the wav pool (a very cool thing).

    You SHOULD be able to get around the problem with the clicks using the envelopes though. It\'s not ideal, but you should be able to find a combination of decay, sustain and release times which cause the audio to disappear befoe you hear a click.

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    Re: VRSound HipHop library problem

    Actually, many samples not only have clicks at the end, but also within the samples. They stem from a collection of vinyl records. Lots of clicks, pops and crackles to be heard!!

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