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Topic: Will GOS (AKAI) work in a Triton Studio?

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    Will GOS (AKAI) work in a Triton Studio?


    I have a Korg Triton Studio, and was wondering if the Garritan Orchestral String lite > Garritan Orchestral Strings - Lite Version Will work properly in my keyboard. It has 96 MB of RAM, and I understand an AKIA file can\'t be bigger than 32 megs right?. Also, since my Triton is Akai 1000/3000 compatable, which is best to use? - 3000 or 1000 or doesn\'t it matter?

    I am stuck between getting these samples (a 3 CD set for £140), and the Triton Expansion boards (£250 for PCM 06/07 - which have a combined \"rammage\"\' [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img] of 32 megs. I would like the GOS lite, but it\'s no good just \"ordering\" them online if they won\'t work properly - because I was wondering if you need AKAI samplers for these GOS Lite.

    TIA (Thanks in advance)


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    Re: Will GOS (AKAI) work in a Triton Studio?

    GOS lite should work in Triton, just like any other Akai library. The limitation, of course, would be that you might not be able to load as many sounds as you would like due to your RAM limitations.

    As far as the choice between GOS lite and the expansion board.......the expansion board would probably have a greater quantity of sounds, but I doubt that they would sound anywhere near as good as GOS.

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    Re: Will GOS (AKAI) work in a Triton Studio?

    Thanks for the Reply Cade.

    I may actually end up getting both the expansion boards for the Korg, - and the GOS lite.

    Here is a short demo of a \"Real\" orchestra\" playing Tchaikovsky, Symphony No.6, Op.29 \"Pathétique\", \"Right Click\" on the Movement number IV (Finale - Adagio lamentoso) - the right gif - not the speaker one [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img] , and tell me (honestly please!) if the GOS lite are capable of anything like this? It is only a short demo, won\'t take long to download (30 secs on my 56 k modem).

    Link: Finale (Adagio lamentoso)



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