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Topic: Walking the Talk

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    Walking the Talk

    I\'ve felt inhibited from participating more actively on these forums because I think that one should have something of substance to offer the group vs. simple talk--especially given the high level of artistry I\'ve experienced from the dozens of demos still resident on my HDD. What great musicians populate the Gigasampler forums!!!!

    So, it\'s time to walk the talk: will those who would care to please check out this, my first demo post to the forum?


    I am especially interested in any feedback that would help me move towards the clarity of mix that I hear in so many of your demos. This has proven to be an elusive learning for me; the piece is 13 stereo tracks and, to my ear, not clear enough at the finale. Suggestions on reverb, EQ and levels (all are Cakewalk DX) will immediately be tried out!!!!

    Vocalists are my 15 year old step daughter and myself. Instrument samples are taken from a variety of libraries including BOB, SI Hammond B3 and even GM500 (future posts will include instruments from QL RI, GOS, DD Solo Woodwinds etc.; this is the first piece I\'ve finished since rebuilding my studio after being burglarized, and I moved from hardware-based instruments to software...learning curve is steep)

    Thank you all in advance.

    Jim Steele

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    Re: Walking the Talk


    I like your piece a lot. IMO, the male vocal is mixed too high in the mix, and it\'s a little too dry. Your daughter\'s voice is washed in reverb, and for this song that sounds cool (but maybe a little too much). You sound like you were singing somewhere totally different. Your vocal is so loud it almost sounds like it is clipping. Try a little less reverb on your daughter (she has a great voice!) and (a little) more on your vocal, and lower the level of your vocal.

    My rule with reverb is to use the amount I think is good, and then lessen it [grin].

    -- Martin

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    Re: Walking the Talk

    Martin, thanks for your feedback. You touched upon an area in which I was also uncomfortable; my vocals were so UNDER done in the first few mixes I overcooked them for this one.

    So much to learn!!

    So, you heard the reverb in Katie\'s tracks...I wanted her to sound angelic and distant at the same time, yet like yourself I dislike overly audible effects--I\'ll take it down a notch and see how it goes, & thanks for the pointer.

    A friend turned me on to Leonard Cohen this week. My God, where does he get his lyrics? I understand he\'s been living the life of a full-time Buddhist monk for some years now.



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