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Topic: White Grand ROCK!!!!!!

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    White Grand ROCK!!!!!!

    Ok, finally I\'ve got a demo for the White Grand that\'s a bit rougher!
    It\'s played by Steve Peffer, who currently plays with LeAnn Rimes and also toured with Kellie Coffey, Martina McBride, Sara Evans, and many more.
    Jeremy Whaley have done the drums and bass.
    Organ is the B4, drums are Backbeat and bass Trilogy.
    Piano; yes, you guessed it! The White Grand, totally unprocessed, right out of the box.
    Here\'s what Steve have to say about the White Grand: \"I loved how the White grand cuts. I tend to be a pretty aggressive player, and I like how the piano reacts when I hit hard - It jumps out and comes to life - just like a real piano.\"

    Here\'s the demo: White Rock

    Check out more demos and buy the White Grand at SampleTekk

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    Re: White Grand ROCK!!!!!!



    That was fun listening too. Sounds great!


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    Re: White Grand ROCK!!!!!!

    Good stuff, if I could play piano like that I\'d probably buy your library! haha

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    Re: White Grand ROCK!!!!!!

    Impressive playing. Worra, what program was used for igniting the White Grand?

    Alex Cremers

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    Re: White Grand ROCK!!!!!!

    Originally posted by EmmSee:
    Good stuff, if I could play piano like that I\'d probably buy your library! haha
    <font size=\"2\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">Didn\'t you know..... buy the White Grand, and you actually CAN play like this..... [img]images/icons/tongue.gif[/img] [img]images/icons/tongue.gif[/img] [img]images/icons/tongue.gif[/img]

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    Re: White Grand ROCK!!!!!!

    Originally posted by Alexcremers:
    Impressive playing. Worra, what program was used for igniting the White Grand?

    Alex Cremers
    <font size=\"2\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">Hmmm.... probably Giga,
    Jeremy, could you answer this?

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    Re: White Grand ROCK!!!!!!

    We ignited the white grand with 4.3 liters of Karosene. Then after it was going pretty good we threw all our PCs and microsoft products on the pile and cursed bill gates. When we were done the White grand was a red grand, and it played this demo - all by itself [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

    Actually we did it with Giga. I just recieved my kontakt version today or i would have done it in kontakt. Funny I realised when I got ready to mix it that i had pulled up the first beta version which plays nothing like the final piano. I was pretty impressed with steve\'s chops, but after I realized what I had done to the poor guy I was blown away that he was able to pull it off with that first beta! The velocities were all messed up. The demo you hear is fixed and it actually sounds right but he managed to do all those fast repeats with AWEFUL velocity response. Kudos to the guy!


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    Re: White Grand ROCK!!!!!!


    I think the most amazing thing about this - besides the great piano and playing - is the incredible mix. I\'m assuming you did it. Absolutely incredible!

    I have the Trilogy and B4 and I can\'t make any mix that sounds nearly this good - even using C4 or other mastering techniques. While I\'m not a professional, I bet there are a lot of people, including me, that would love to pick your brain on mixing and mastering techniques. Your mix is one of the best I\'ve heard so far using these instruments!

    Is there any starting place to go to learn this talent or do you have to know someone and experiment until you get something this good?

    BTW, not to hijack the thread - the White Grand sounds great! It\'s definitely one of the next pianos on my list!

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    Re: White Grand ROCK!!!!!!

    Wow chris, that\'s just amazing that you would say that because somone said the same thing about one of my other demos that I did for WG around Christmas. But in real life (where I make a living) I\'m known for having bad mixes. All I do is make tracks for people and the mixes always sound aweful. So I pay big bucks to get someone with good ears to mix for me. Now I am quite picky, and I\'ve only found a couple people I really like. But I would never try to mix something for real myself.....

    So (totally hijacking here) a couple weeks ago I did a track for this guy. Someone more picky the me. He was a nightmare to work for and I really tried to make my rough mixes sound good so he would like the track (he\'s one of these people who makes decisions on emotion not what really realistic). Well I did the roughs and he loved it all. So then I told him who I wanted to mix it and he agreed. Well he just told me this week he doesn\'t like the mixes and I\'m overrating my guy that I had mix - that my mixes were better. I think that\'s nuts! Cause I think my dude\'s mixes sound WAY better then mine.... but here you\'re telling me a I\'m a good mixer too. I don\'t get it! (enter cries of desperation) I\'m not good! I can\'t be! It\'s not what I do!!

    Anyway - the moral of the story is I don\'t think I mix very well. However, if you think I do, the real trick is in not knowing what you\'re doing. Basically these instruments all mixed themselves. So I suppose the real tribute is to the developers.

    I used Backbeat for the drums. All I did was added a touch (and I mean SMALL) amount of compression to the drums. I used the built in compressor in Logic and really only wanted enough to make the drums push a little more. Then I added just about 4 DB of EQ on the drums. I just notched out the Q and listened to see where the body of the snare was falling and then boosted that. I did that cause I wanted more snare. Otherwise those samples are straight.

    All the other samples came straight from their box as is. No mixing brillance there. I did try to create a little space by putting the B4 about 35% to the right and I moved the piano maybe 25% to the left.

    Then I ran all that through Logic\'s MultiPressor. Used a built in preset called \"Hyped Medium\". And that was my multipressing. Then I added to the mix after that Logic\'s built in Ad-limiter. That helped add some beef and at the same time kept me from clipping. Then I hit bounce.

    All in all my mixing is about as close to the yard stick method as they come! But I\'m glad you enjoyed it [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]


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    Re: White Grand ROCK!!!!!!

    Wow! This piece....umm....ROCKS!

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