It appears that some people here who have a dedicated PC setup for GS are having great success using it. However, many of us don\'t have the $$$ to add another computer setup to our environments.

So what I\'ve done is use a boot partition manager (Boot IT NG) to setup separate paritions on my hard drive. I have them separated as Music, Office, and Games. So basically, I have three paritions of Windows ME installed on my system, and each one is dedicated to it\'s function. On my Music selection, obviously I only install GS160 and whatever else I need for my music production. I don\'t put games or MS Office or anything else here.

All three of my Windows ME OS\'s live on the same physical hard drive. I also have Boot IT NG configured to hide each other OS parition during boot, so that I only have drive C: visible when I boot.

I\'ve also added a second physical hard drive configured as drive D: and placed things like My Documents, music file, or whatever data I need to share between my three OS installations.

It takes some time to setup and configure, but I really believe it helps.

Anyway, some of you may already be doing something like this, but some may not. I just thought I\'d share my PC setup in case it helps someone.