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Topic: Do you use live audio as much as sampling?

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    Do you use live audio as much as sampling?


    I was just wondering, how many of you actually spend money on live audio equipment? I recently spent a whole bunch of money on sampling gear (computer components, samples, keyboard, etc), but still feel the need for a nice mixer, a few mics, etc. I\'ve always loved throwing in a real element to a sampled mix, whether it is voice, a violin solo, and so forth.
    Another key reason I found investing in audio equipment is because there\'s a payoff. If you went out, bought a 16 track mixer, a bunch of mics, and maybe even Pro Tools LE, there\'d be many high school and college bands attracted to it, paying you to record a demo for them. I say this because I\'ve already got a band lined up, and I don\'t have much \"audio\" gear at all, other than a nice vocal mic and software.

    Do you think this is a good idea? It\'d be nice to make a couple hundred bucks in one day just to have someone use your studio. More gear means more capabilities, which means more clients. It may not be the next Linkin Park mixed cd in a multi-million dollar studio, but at least it\'s a good demo that is most likely much better than the band could do themselves.

    What are your thoughts on this?


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    Re: Do you use live audio as much as sampling?

    I only record live guitar (its waht I play) and sing anymore, for the most part.

    that said

    I\'ll always go out and record live instruments if budget allows, or if (for personal work) its more than a demo. I\'ll however RENT a studio for it.

    Live instruments, recorded well, and played well will always capture something I cant get in samples,... or more importantly *ME* manipulating samples.

    I have a Prog Rock concept album I\'ve been throwing around for over a year or so where I have 40+ musicians lined up to play on.

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    Re: Do you use live audio as much as sampling?

    I\'ve started to force myself into building into budgets minimum 2-4 live musicians even for smalll projects, and record them here in my own studio. It\'s working out alot cheaper than I imagined and these are superb players from world-class orchestras. Once you get in with a single player they can suggest others from their orchestra so you avoid paying fixers fees.

    I had a string quartet in last month who agreed to track themselves a few times (costs extra though), and I\'ve not even needed to layer it with samples to thicken up - they sound huge for just 4 players. If you can get 100% prepared in advance a 3hr session can go a long way.

    I\'d also say the experience of interaction and feedback from players in solo/small groups is invaluable too - something you often don\'t get working with a full orchestra.

    re: gear - you can always hire in some tasty mics and pre-amps cheap if you wanted to test the water first, also a good way of finding out what gear works best for you.


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    Re: Do you use live audio as much as sampling?

    I personally think that the human factor is fundamental!

    Samples can get a long way, but humans can take your compositions where they\'re not likely to go if you do everything by yourself...

    It might get better or worse, but usually it gets better and better... but finally it depends on the style.

    Investing in recording is a good choice especially if you want to do scores for movies involving other things than orchestral music... what if you need a singer, or a part played really hearfully by a real cello player... also: if you live in a small budgets place recording gear can help you maximize the investments you made in your studio hiring it to friends and other musicians to record demos... and making friends always helps in the business!

    Example: yesterday I was first in a \'race\' for a music for a commercial. My job was kinda good, but the lyrics were just ok and if it weren\'t for a frriend who rewrote the lyrics and for a marvellous \'McCartney\' style singer I wouldn\'t have won the competition... music is a matter of nuances and if you feel samplig doesn\'t help you in some departments the only solution is still humans!


    Simone Coen

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    Re: Do you use live audio as much as sampling?

    I\'m working on a grunge song that resembles Alice in Chains and Soundgarden. The sound is big, and I\'m collaborating with a guy in San Diego who I\'ve talked to for quite awhile. He used to tour with Gwar, and was the singer for his band. He\'s laying down some nice guitar lead solos and harmonizing as well as singing. I can\'t wait, and best of all...it\'s free!

    Yeah, I agree that humans are always great!......but what if I needed barking dogs for my next Christmas mix? LOL!


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    Re: Do you use live audio as much as sampling?

    Yes, I record live audio as much as I use samples. I have had paying recording jobs, but less in my studio and more on location. I feel that a little bit of live goes a long way to giving the music a human appeal.

    I get in moods where I\'ll use mostly samples and little or no live, and then I\'ll use only live. Just depends on what I want to accomplish.

    If you are going to record rock bands, you\'re gonna need a good room though. That is as important (maybe more) than good equipment. Also, if they are using a drum kit, it\'s going to take lots of multi-track recording capability.

    -- Martin

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