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Topic: Any advise for this piece?

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    Any advise for this piece?

    I\'ve just started to write this piece today and (don\'t know if anyone else has this problem as well) I\'m not sure if it is as good as I thought it sounded 4 hours ago!! Now I\'m thinking it could do with some emphasis on the bass, or maybe just scrap it altogether - or has this melody already been written! The transposition is wrong in the middle, and there is a bar missing and.... HELP!! Can anyone lend their ears to this please? Thanks, Doug. www.dougberwick.com/mix16.mp3

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    Re: Any advise for this piece?

    Sounds pretty good to me. But I\'m not listening on very good speakers at the moment... Maybe a bit more bass, and bring the edge of some of the high violins off. But it\'s beautiful. Very lush. Parts of the melody sounded familiar, but I don\'t at all think it is an actual copy of anything specific. At least not that I know of.

    I know the feeling of it not sounding good to you though. By the time I get close to finishing something, I practically hate it. After I haven\'t listened to it in a long time, I\'ll go back and listen to it and then it sounds better to me. Or worse. [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

    What libs did you use for this?

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    Re: Any advise for this piece?


    from the pick-up to the first few bars there exists a strong statement. As time passes the strength in this first melody begins to diminish and the suspened 4ths to 3rds are no longer heard.
    Maybe develop and sustain the strenth of this theme by taking your time in developing its shape and dynamics in focus. Of course you can tone it down at some point in the secondary theme but this must be strategically done. Also, conserve the tymps here a bit on there rolls to the pick ups. You can have them enter with more presence supporting a recapitulation.

    JMHO, others may differ

    Alan Russell

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    Re: Any advise for this piece?

    Sounds very gentle [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img]

    What disturbs me is the Glockenspiel. Dunno why, but it doesn´t fit...

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    Re: Any advise for this piece?

    sounds really nice! as much as I like glock i must say that it really dont fit there.
    ps:wich lirary?Gold?

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    Re: Any advise for this piece?

    Everything sounds nice for me. Even the Glockenspiel!!!

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    Re: Any advise for this piece?

    It sounds like you just need to add a few more instruments for a more grandiose sound. Don\'t give up!

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    Re: Any advise for this piece?

    Thanks guy for your comments, as usual, excellant advise. The library is EWQLSO Plat - the sound I\'m after is the orchestration used in the titles to The Amercian President. At the moment the woodwinds are not playing divisi - should I give them more parts to fatten up the sound or should this go to the strings? Can anyone recommend a score I can buy which has this type of sound (I\'m assuming from the late/romantic period - if so which composer/score?) Thanks guys!

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