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Topic: Debussy Mockup

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    Debussy Mockup

    Here\'s my mockup of the 2nd movement of Debussy\'s La Mer - Jeux de vagues.

    I substituted 2 of the Cor Anglais solos with firstly a French Horn, then Bassoon, as I don\'t think there\'s a sample that can stand the scrutiny (yet!).

    The Violin solo is 8ve up as it sounded more convincing.

    Hope you enjoy it.

    Andy Blaney.

    p.s. Thanks to Peter Roos for the offer of hosting the file, but you were right it was too big to email.


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    Re: Debussy Mockup

    Hi Andy,

    Allow me to post the corrected link:

    I think this is an incredible accomplishment!

    I am a bit intrigued by the \"mono-ish\" sound of the string parts in the center of the stereo field and by the instrument noises. Can you disclose what libraries you have used?

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    Re: Debussy Mockup

    Hi Andy,
    what a huge work you did!! [img]images/icons/shocked.gif[/img]

    Very convincing.

    Many congratulations.
    Bravo! [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]


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    Re: Debussy Mockup

    That is seriously impressive Andy!. Ignoring the recording issues (which don\'t particularly bug me), it sounds very performed and realistic with very sensitive use of the dynamics. I think its the most impressive mock-up I\'ve heard to date.


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    Re: Debussy Mockup

    WOW - OMG! Andy, that\'s pretty extraordinaire. Claude would be proud, I\'m sure. [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

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    Re: Debussy Mockup

    Holy cow!

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    Re: Debussy Mockup

    I\'ve just been pulled away from work to listen to this. Bloody amazing [img]images/icons/shocked.gif[/img] . What libraries did you use?. I\'ve never had faith that samples could pull off this level of detail until now. Time to un-book the session guys and get whatever it is you\'ve been using. It definitely blows away anything else I\'ve heard and the programming is second to none.

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    Re: Debussy Mockup

    Incredible work! I look forward to hearing what sample libraries were used.

    Did you sequence each line from your piano? Or use notation software as a grounding point?


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    Re: Debussy Mockup

    Andy,That\'s awesome! [img]images/icons/shocked.gif[/img] very great work!



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    Re: Debussy Mockup

    I bet there are now quite a few people playing and re-playing this piece to discover some of your secrets Andy [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img]

    Like the legato string stuff at 4:35 and 4:37

    BTW: I actually get memories of good old Tomita, which much be at least 25 years ago. With ALL due respect for craftmanship.

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