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Topic: Nemesys support for GigaStudio inadequate

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    Nemesys support for GigaStudio inadequate

    I\'ve been having this trouble for quite sometime now, that I had given up... I tried e-mailing nemesys about it, but their response was not sufficient to fix my problem, so I tried sending them what I have below:

    \"Its been around a month or so, since I actually saw gigastudio working. Immediately after the installation, and the profiling of the hard drives, (and the \'review settings\' menu) gigastudio gives me a Pagefault error on kernel32.dll. I have tried upgrading to 2.01.26... i have tried EVERYTHING, and yet I still can\'t get it to work. I tried taking out the western digital manager for my HDD, I tried removing all but my graphics and sound card (i tried with both AWE64 and PCI64), I also have tried removing my HDD, and leaving only my other one in... not to mention formatting and installing all the versions of windows. I found what the problem relates to though. I tried all the versions of windows 95, 95OSR2, 98, 98SE, 98SE Lite, ME... and the only one that works is 95, WITHOUT Internet explorer 5 or higher installed!!! (I.E. 4 works fine). My system configuration is: Soyo 6KB Dual Motherboard (PII 300 MHz) 160 MB RAM at 100MHz Western Digital 18 GB 7200 rpm HDD (working at ATA/33) Quantum 6.5 GB 5400 rpm HDD (ATA 33 as well) SCSI Adaptec 2940 Controller Sound Blaster AWE 64 and Sound Blaster PCI64 ... so from what I can see its got to do something with IE5, since when I installed it on the win 95 OSR2 system, GS gave me the same problem, and when I un-installed it, the problems were gone... Gigasampler though works fine in all the system configurations. GigaStudio used to work on this exact configuration 2 months ago. But suddenly, it just started giving me this error. I tried formatting and nothing worked since. I still need to use GigaStudio though, with at least Win98 or ME, and a decent version of I.E... PLEASE help me out here... and excuse the size of this post. thanks in advance... Paps Popas\"

    I\'m waiting for a response now, but until then can anyone help me with this problem, since nemesys can\'t?

    Thanx in advance,

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    Re: Nemesys support for GigaStudio inadequate

    I did forget to mention my gfx card, but I also forgot to mention that I tried 3 different one on the side... My gfx card is a Diamond Viper 770 (16MB AGP Version). I also tried the Diamond Viper 330 (4MB PCI Version) and the Matrox G100 (8MB AGP Version).
    I have also checked my system for viruses, as well... (latest Norton Antivirus)

    My soundcards work fine with gigastudio, as far as compability goes, and I have already bought the Terratec EWS88MT, but I haven\'t got it in my hands yet... So if I install the terratec and I still have problems, I\'ll still bug you with my problems

    I have also tried (not one but million) clean windows\'s installations, and have tried to install gigastudio without any drivers previous to that, unsuccessfully. (I told you previously... I tried everything )

    Thanx for the reply though food4thought..

    Any other ideas?

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    Re: Nemesys support for GigaStudio inadequate

    I won\'t try to decipher the problem, since it would probably take forever and end up being pretty subtle.
    BUT that said, if you are correct the presence of IE 5 turns on/off your problems, there\'s an easy work around solution. Use Win98lite micro (www.98lite.net). It works with all versions 98 and Me and lets you completely remove IE5 and also install ie4 if you wish. But perhaps the more important thing is that it removes all internet explorer integration if you use the explorer.exe shell from either your 95 or 95 osr2 OSs. If you supply the file, 98lite micro uses it pretty much automatically when installing. I use 98lite and feel safe recommending it to anyone who\'s installed windows multiple times in 4 different flavors. I think it\'s about $25 for the micro version which is most likely to help you. However, all this will only work if the presence of IE5 triggers your problems. As I said, I think these problems are subtle and I have my doubts whether removing IE5 and internet integration(as good as that is in it\'s own right!) will actually give you a work around that is as good as an already stable machine. Good luck,

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    Re: Nemesys support for GigaStudio inadequate

    Thanks for the reply hurchalla... but I already have tried win98lite, and even though I removed the Internet Explorer integration, it still gave me the problem. I have not tried the micro version, which might help \"solve\" the problem, but I still will have to use netscape instead of i.e., something I don\'t want to do. And besides, the internet integration is very helpful.

    Today, though I managed to have a breakthrough... I have 2 hardrives as I have mentioned. When I removed one, (the secondary), gigastudio was suddently WORKING... I put it back in... and it doesn\'t. So now I can get it to work by removing my second drive... which i\'m not happy with by the way. I then tried formatting my system (once more) without the second drive... and unfortunately the problem was still there... So I don\'t know what\'s going on... G.S. is messed up. From what I see, Internet Explorer 5 has still got to do something with that error, as well as something with the drives???? I\'m confused... please help! (btw, in win95 it worked flawlessly, without ie5, and BOTH my drives)... HEEEEELP!

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    Re: Nemesys support for GigaStudio inadequate

    Your problem sounds very serious and suspicious. There must be something in your system that causes Gigastudio to fail. You forgot to mention the graphics card you are using. Gigastudio is such a low level piece of software, that could be affected by anything in your system. Since you have already played around with different Operating Systems, I would put the gfx card as the no. 1 suspect right now.

    Try this, do a clean Windows98 installation, do not install any drivers other than those for your soundcard. Do not install any software other than Gigastudio. Then try to see if it works. If it does... then install the rest drivers/software, one by one, until you locate a possible cause of failure.

    Another thing you should not neglect, is a virus scan. You can\'t imagine what sort of problems viruses can cause. I won\'t go into details on this one, but you need to rule out this possibility for this and other potential problems that may arise.

    Finally, your soundcards could also be a possible cause of problems with Gigastudio. It is a pitty spending so much money for the software, and wasting/limiting its potential with a low-end soundcard. (I think the SB64/128 are nowhere near ideal cards for serious audio applications, I could be wrong)

    If gigastudio has already drained your budget, maybe a cheap SBLive would suffice. I know that the Giga software works OK with those cards.

    I hope those help. Please let us know of your further experiences with this problem. And if you find a solution, please post it here. We would be very grateful...

    Good luck!

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    Re: Nemesys support for GigaStudio inadequate

    Well there\'s maybe another possibility. You never mentioned what kind of RAM you\'ve got. Generic ram is often unreliable and can cause instability, though I\'m not sure you\'d consistently get the same errors due to it. If you have major brand memory I wouldn\'t worry about it. If you have generic or if it gs stopped working shortly after adding more memory, then it might be a problem. Another thing to try might be to download a latest rev of your motherboard BIOS. It\'s also possible something on your motherboard, cpu, or hard drive controller has gone bad. It sounds like you\'ve swapped everything else. Assuming gigastudio once worked for you but now doesn\'t, some hardware either went bad or you added hardware that caused a problem. You\'ve switched around the software(OS and gs versions) enough that I don\'t expect that\'s the problem.

    [This message has been edited by hurchalla (edited 12-03-2000).]

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    Re: Nemesys support for GigaStudio inadequate

    Oh, also make sure you\'ve downloaded the latest revs of drivers for all your soundcard, video card, etc. Probably won\'t help, but you never know. If you lost a later driver rev by doing a clean OS install, that might explain why GS once worked but now doesn\'t.

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    Re: Nemesys support for GigaStudio inadequate

    Again, thanks for the reply on this message... Unfortunately, I have already tried everything you told me...(getting latest drivers, updating my bios and so on)... and also my ram is of a good brand (siemens).

    I thought I saw another person having similar problems on this forum, but I was not able to find him again... His problem was with the hard drives as well... I don\'t know why by removing my secondary drive, it all works fine... Though, if i tamper with the installation again, the problem shows up with out my secondary drive installed!!! go figure... Please if anyone knows how to solve this problem, I\'d greatly appreciate it... NEMESYS perhaps???

    A big thanx, to all of you guys out there, trying to help...

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    Re: Nemesys support for GigaStudio inadequate

    Has anyone found any solution yet? any workarounds?

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    Re: Nemesys support for GigaStudio inadequate

    It has yet been a week since I got an e-mail from Nemesys, but still nothing! They say they forwarded my problem to the tech support team... anyone know how long this can take? Anyone have any outcomes to my problem yet?

    Thanx in advance...

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