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Topic: Looking for ambient drum samples...

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    Looking for ambient drum samples...

    I have battery and got the synthetic drums add on. It has a kit called Ambient that has a couple sounds I like, but I need something more comprehensive. Most of the add on is geared towards hip hop which I have no interest in.


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    Re: Looking for ambient drum samples...

    Hi Brian,

    try this one.


    Found it on www.kvr-vst.com and it\'s for free ...


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    Re: Looking for ambient drum samples...

    Actually I mean ambient as in atmospheric. I am looking for synthetic drums, but not anything that is even in the same solar system as hip hop, techno, etc. I need something that conveys a sense of drama and power. Hard to put in words. But I\'ll know it when I hear it. There are a couple sounds on the NI Synthetic Drums (in the Ambient kit) that sound like what I am after, but I need a larger selection of sounds.


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    Re: Looking for ambient drum samples...

    I think you could do well to have a look at Stormdrum. There\'s an absolute ton of material there in the Kompakt multisampled part that could really suit you, aswell as some great atmospheric loops in the Intakt bit. Acoustic drums AND electronic too. It does atmospheric and ambient drums like nothing else I can think of plus a whole lot more. Combine it with the surround recordings from EWQLSO and you have a practically complete set of ambient percussion.


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    Re: Looking for ambient drum samples...

    Wow that sounds really cool - just the word description. I already have Culture. If I am interested in just samples, does this have stuff that Culture doesn\'t?



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    Re: Looking for ambient drum samples...

    I have Culture too as it happens. They are both huge instruments so it\'s hard to compare the two. Off the top of my head, major differences are :-

    Culture is recorded totally dry - Stormdrum has some dry, but many naturally ambient recordings.

    Culture is all acoustic instruments - Stormdrum is mainly acoustic, but there\'s a high proportion of electronic and other interesting processed sounds in there.

    Stordrum also includes GM kits in various styles, a prepared piano, and other interesting bits and bobs that Culture doesn\'t have. If you aren\'t a real drumkit nut who needs one of these mega drumkit libraries that are out there or coming out at the moment you may find the included drumkits all you need.

    Stormdrum has performance loops as well as multipsamples, Culture 1.5 has introduced midi file loops to play Culture instruments and multis.

    Culture loads all samples into RAM, the Kompakt engine with Stormdrum streams from hard disk saving you RAM.

    I\'ve only had Stormdrum for a day so can\'t really say much more than that for now, but I definitely feel that Culture and Stormdrum are different enough to make owning both well worthwhile.


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    Re: Looking for ambient drum samples...

    Originally posted by bhuether:
    I need something that conveys a sense of drama and power.

    <font size=\"2\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">There are some really nice drum hits in Distrorted Reality 1 that are very ambient, the patch is called \"Ambient Drums\" too. [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img] .


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    Re: Looking for ambient drum samples...

    You need STORMDRUM


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    Re: Looking for ambient drum samples...

    second vote for DR1

    the Space Drums might do you well.

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