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Topic: Gigastudio bugs - all gs users should read this!!!!

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    Gigastudio bugs - all gs users should read this!!!!

    Hey Everyone,

    Please read this whole message - it may shed some light on giga bugs.

    I noticed today that I get certain gigastudio 160 crashes based entirely on sequences of events, and that I can run gigastudio bug free if I simply avoid the \'bad\' sequences of events. If you consider what happens with starting and closing gigastudio and a sequencer, you have 4 cases to consider:

    case 1: start cakewalk (or cubase), start gigastudio, close cakewalk (or cubase), close gigastudio.

    result 1: A series of erros happens:
    1. \"msg32 caused an exception 03H in module kernel32.dll\"
    2. After closing the above error message, I get \"GSTUDIO caused invalid page fault in module ewctl32.dll\"
    3. After closing above window and upon restarting windows, I get one more error message appear: \"msgsrv32 caused an invalid page fault in module wstream.dll\". Then I close that and windows restarts ok.

    Note: If after error 2 above, I don\'t go to reboot, and instead try to launch cakewalk (or cubase), cakewalk (or cubase) displays an error message and you can hit close or ignore on the error window. If you hit close I get nasty blue dos window with error \"exception at 0028:C00AD6B8 (this number may vary, I haven\'t looked into it...)in VxD VRTKRNLD(01)+0026C18\". If I choose ignore, cakewalk will launch, but then upon exiting, I will get this blue dos screen error: \"fatal exception 0E has occurred at 0028:C16D87C3 in VxD MA_DELTA(01)+000BA693\". This is the only error I have noticed so far specifically dealing with my delta1010.

    case 2: start cakewalk, start gigastudio, close gigastudio, close cakewalk

    result 2: no problems

    case 3: start giga, start cakewalk, close cakewalk, close giga

    result 3: no problem

    case 4: start giga, start cakewalk (or cubase), close giga close cakewlk (or cubase)

    result 4: nasty blue dos window error of the form \"exception 0E has occurred at xxxx:xxxxxxxx in VxD VWSTREAM(01)+xxxxxxxx called from xxxx:xxxxxxxx in VxD VWSTREM(01)+xxxxxxxx\"

    I would really like to see others go through these 4 cases and see what happens. That way we can gain more insight into giga bugs. Let me repeat - gigastudio 160 runs flawlessly on my system as long as I avoid cases 1 and 4 above. Hope to hear from some of you.


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    Re: Gigastudio bugs - all gs users should read this!!!!

    Let\'s call it the GS \'FILO\' approach!

    First In, Last Out

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    Re: Gigastudio bugs - all gs users should read this!!!!

    Opening Giga first doesn\'t always work in other aspects... if I open Giga first then Cakewalk can\'t use the MIDI port. I have Giga 96 and I don\'t have any blue-screens of death, GPF\'s, illegal operations, nor invalid page faults. I open Giga first, then cakewalk, and close in a random order.


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    Re: Gigastudio bugs - all gs users should read this!!!!

    I do case 1 daily without any problems. Case 2 and 3 have caused crashes on my system. Quite interesting!!!

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