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Topic: quicksound off?

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    quicksound off?

    the last 5 days I\'ve been translating my Akai CD libraries to Gstudio. Lots of CD roms.
    The problem is that Gs crashes often during translation, so I have to restart.
    When I open Gs after a restart it scans the disks updating the quick sound database. And it takes a lot! It does it everytime it finds something new in the disks after the last time it launched.
    Is there any trick to temporally disconnect the qsound task? That way i could build the database just one time after all the translation. Does it makes sense?

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    Re: quicksound off?

    First I would suggest to get CDXtract for sample translation - much better than GS\'s build in conversion. Then ask Nemesys support for \'Regutil.exe\' which does what you want.
    Nirto Karsten Fischer

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    Re: quicksound off?

    Actually I was considerng Translator, but I\'m not sure at this point. I have a bunch of Rland stuff to move and some people say that it\'s better than Xtractor on that task.
    Regarding Nemesys support, I\'ve sent a request a week ago and no aswer yet. Grrr.

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