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Topic: I'm Curious to Know

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    I\'m Curious to Know

    I was watching a behind the scenes video on the Once Upon a Time in Mexico DVD a few weeks ago, in which Robert Rodriguez showed off his studio.

    Part of that tour included his GigaStudio/ProTools desk, where he demonstrated his work methods for creating soundtracks.

    What intrigued me is that one computer screen showed a list of about 200 or so samples and all he did was click on the appropriate instrument in the list, then played it. No loading it up into Giga or Kontakt or whatever. No cumbersome interface. Just the list, click, play. It looked more like a spreadsheet than a sample app.

    I\'m curious to know if this is a ProTools feature or some type of add-on. Anyone know?

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    Re: I\'m Curious to Know

    It didn\'t really look like tracks to me. More like a spreadsheet. I\'ll have to take a look again and see if I can tell what it is. Maybe do a screen capture.

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    Re: I\'m Curious to Know

    Whatever it is, you prompted me to purchase the DVD. I love the isolated music tracks that some DVDs offer. \'The Professional\' is another one with an isolated score. \"Tomorrow Never Dies\" too I think.

    Anyone know of some other DVDs that offer isolated scores?

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    Re: I\'m Curious to Know

    The Matrix has an isolated score, with commentary in the \"silent\" parts of the film.

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    Re: I\'m Curious to Know

    Originally posted by EmmSee:
    Anyone know of some other DVDs that offer isolated scores?
    <font size=\"2\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">Here you go;




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    Re: I\'m Curious to Know


    its called having a template.

    The sounds are \"always on\", because th comuters are alwas on, adn all you have to do is select a sound/track in a template project.

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    Re: I\'m Curious to Know

    Sounds like Samplecell integrated into ProTools.
    Did he demo instruments or FX?

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    Re: I\'m Curious to Know

    In the feature he specifically names Gigastudio as his sampler of choice, so I would say odds are against EXS, Samplitude, etc.

    The movie is worth renting just to ogle the guy\'s studio. It\'s a SWEET setup.

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    Re: I\'m Curious to Know

    King, I\'ve had plenty of templates. None of them looked like this.

    XanaX, he demoed instruments.

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