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Topic: Are you converting your Giga libraries?

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    Are you converting your Giga libraries?

    I was wondering if you guys are converting most of your Giga libs these days to newer formats like Halion/Kontakt or are you still relying on Giga as the workhorse?

    The reason I ask is that I now have 3 machines setup with Gigabit LAN and was thinking of going the FX Teleport route. In so doing, I thought it might be nice to convert my Sam, GOS, DR2, LOP, QLRI (and some other) libs to Kontakt format to function as VST\'s across the network. I know the Giga import is not perfect so I guess that is one factor to consider. I also want to install my new EWQLSO Gold lib across a couple of machines.

    I guess I really need to know; how reliable is FX Teleport? And what kind of streaming capacity can it handle over a Gigabit network?

    Also, (sorry for all the questions) My second machine is an Athlon 2000 with 1gig of ram, the third machine is an old PIII/500mHz with 448mb ram.

    Do you think it would be better to leave the PIII as a Giga machine as Giga seems to better handle streaming on older computers?

    Any thoughts are appreciated, I\'m still trying to figure what is best to do.

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    Re: Are you converting your Giga libraries?

    Hey Scott. Great topic.

    I have converted all of my Giga libs (GOS, BiggaGigga, Scarbee. G-Town, ad nauseum) to HALion and run them across two machines that are sync\'d with VST System Link (one running Nuendo 2 and one with Cubase SX). When Cubase SX 1 was my only seqencer, I used V-Stack on PC 2 and loaded VSTs that way and either re-recorded back into PC1 through S/PDIF or used a VST plug-in called \"Tape-it\" to write the audio locally on PC2 and tranfer the resulting file across my LAN and imported it to my project pool.

    I spent some time with FXTeleport, but only as a VST plug. By the time that the Giga wrapper came around for FXT, I had moved on to Nuendo and HALion. I\'ve read great things about Max\'s Giga wrapper, and suggest you go to their board to find out the latest data.

    A Gigabit network is a great idea, and of course with three machines you\'ll need a Gigabit switch to go with it. I\'m a bit curious to see if a PIII/500MHz can hold up a Gigabit NIC card, let alone the Giga FXT wrapper, but you may find that info at FXTeleport.com.

    What I love about the concept of FXTeleport is that it eliminates any headache/hassle with sound cards, although I don\'t know if it\'s been circumvented with Giga. But I had visions/delusions of building a stack of Shuttle-type black box PCs that kick-started off of a wake-on-LAN signal from my main DAW, and essentially ran as slaves to the main machine with a KVM to toggle from machine to machine. I was lucky enough to be able to go in another direction, but I think FXT is a very viable, robust option.

    It will be good to read the results from folks that have stayed with FXT, especially those that have put the Giga wrapper in play.

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    Re: Are you converting your Giga libraries?

    Thanks Houston. I bought a Gigabit switch along with the cards and my latest machine has onboard Gigabit LAN built in. It was a bit tricky getting the Gigabit card to work on the PIII but after applying some XP updates and changing PCI slots it seemed to kick in OK.

    These are some rough notes but this is what I am leaning towards (if anyone is interested [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img] );

    DAW-1 – Athlon 2600+ 1gig ram
    Sequencer (Cubase SX 2), percussion (EWQLSO perc and LOP), plugins; Atmosphere, Trilogy, The Grand, Virtual Guitarist, G-Town, Battery, Kontakt. – convert Bizarre Guitars and DR 2 to Kontakt format (no keyswitches and no mod wheel programs)

    DAW-2 – Athlon 2000+ 1gig ram
    EWQLSO Brass, Strings and Winds, plus any additional plugins that DAW-1 cant handle (Atmosphere, Sir, Kontakt, etc.)

    DAW-3 (Giga Machine) – PIII/500mHz 448mb ram
    Giga libraries – SOV, AO, GOS, Metamorphosis, X-sample Harp, Project Sam, QLRI.

    I was leaning toward putting timing critical stuff like percussion and CPU intensive stuff on my host machine (DAW-1). I figured then to concentrate most of EWQLSO onto DAW-2 and Giga libraries onto DAW-3.

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    Re: Are you converting your Giga libraries?

    Anyone using Halion 2 on a remote machine with FX Teleport?

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    Re: Are you converting your Giga libraries?

    Scott, ive converted almost all my giga libs.(Vota,Sams,VSL perf set.,Mallets..etc.)to halion2(for the proper KS and MW ports) and its working much better for me than porting to KOntakt (which i use for everything else). Of course halion and kontakt work well with V-stack and system link. The latency is the same(if not better) than using GS on a seperate machine [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img] ..Rich

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    Re: Are you converting your Giga libraries?

    If anything I\'d be more inclined to go the other way. Giga is very efficient, and it can stay loaded all the time since it\'s not on my main machine.

    Before I had Giga I used to run Giga libraries in Halion on my main Mac, but I\'d much rather keep that machine free for stuff that changes from project to project.

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    Re: Are you converting your Giga libraries?

    I\'ve converted several GIGA libs to Kontakt, notably SAM brass, KHSS, Larry Seyer Upright bass, Post Accordians.

    Overall I\'ve been pretty happy with the results. I would strongly recommend a conversion tool like Chicken Translator or CD Xtract (I use Translator ) as the Kontakt imports aren\'t always up to snuff. It will also save you time because you can batch convert multiple patches whereas you have to do one at a time with the import.

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    Re: Are you converting your Giga libraries?

    I only have use my .gig libraries in Halion. I have convtered GOS, Dan Dean... you name it. And am in the throws of converting VSL.
    For me, Halino is the way to go, especially since I use a three machine fx-teleport set-up. I have just built two slave machines, each running 3gig p4 with 3gig of memory and a raid array for VSL. I use fx teleport to start up Halion instances on the remote machines from the master. It works wonderfully and is so obviously the way this should be done. I mean what is the point of having sound cards on your remote machines? It is just data. The latency is very small and unnoticeable.

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    Re: Are you converting your Giga libraries?

    And wich program is better to convert? CDxtract or Translator?

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    Re: Are you converting your Giga libraries?

    sfz+ from rgc audio should be out this month for Giga support. Best of all, no stupid conversions. I\'ve tried it with Kirk Hunter, Sam, VSL, Dan Dean, etc. they all work flawlessly. Great little program that\'s a VSTi or stand alone (Stand alone only supports 16 channels though) Wickedly fast load times compared to Giga.



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