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Topic: GigaStudio 160 crash... I tried everything... please help

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    GigaStudio 160 crash... I tried everything... please help

    I\'ve been having this trouble for quite sometime now, that I had given up... Its been around a month or so, since I actually saw gigastudio working. Immediately after the installation, and the profiling of the hard drives, (and the \'review settings\' menu) gigastudio gives me a Pagefault error on kernel32.dll. I have tried upgrading to 2.0.26... i have tried EVERYTHING, and yet I still can\'t get it to work. I tried taking out the western digital manager for HDD, I tried removing all but my graphics and sound card, I also have tried removing my HDD, and leaving only my other one in... not to mention formatting.

    I found what the problem relates to though. I tried from windows 95, 95OSR2, 98, 98SE, 98SE Lite, ME... and the only one that works is 95, WITHOUT Internet explorer 5 and up installed!!! (I.E. 4 works fine). My system configuration is:
    Soyo Dual Motherboard (PII) 6KB (I think!)
    160 MB RAM at 100MHz
    Western Digital 18 GB 7200 rpm HDD (working at ATA/33)
    Quantum 6.5 GB 5400 rpm HDD (ATA 33 as well)
    PII 300 MHz
    SCSI Adaptec 2940 Controller
    Sound Blaster AWE 64 and PCI64

    ... so from what I can see its got to do something with IE5, since when I installed it on the win95 system, GS gave me the same problem, and when I un-installed it, the problems were gone... Gigasampler though works fine in all the system configurations, but I need to use gigastudio, with win 98 or ME, and a decent version of IE... PLEASE help me out here, if anyone knows anything that I can try... and please excuse the size of this post...
    thanks in advance...

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    Re: GigaStudio 160 crash... I tried everything... please help


    Lme tell you, I would LOVE to get a list of all the files GigaStudio installs in the Windows System directory. Sounds like a shared module problem, corrupted .dll files or wrong versions of .dll\'s getting written.

    Actually what this _really_ sounds like is maybe Gigasampler runs on older versions of some standard MicroCrotch .dll libraries and won\'t run on _newer_ versions of the same libraries... hmmm....

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    Re: GigaStudio 160 crash... I tried everything... please help

    My guess is the install of IE5 overwrites an older version of a file on your system that GS uses. Probably the newer OS\' like 98 and Me have by default the same (newer) file that IE5 writes, and hence GS doesn\'t work on those OS.
    But I suspect your source problem is something else - probably GS just recovers from the error if the old file is there. If you feel insane you could isolate what file access GS crashes on - run filemon downloadable from http://www.sysinternals.com
    It\'s not that difficult really, it\'s just that knowing the file is only one step and hard to say how useful.

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    Re: GigaStudio 160 crash... I tried everything... please help

    Another thing - you said you get a pagefault error on win32.dll. A page fault is when the OS has to write to virtual memory(not an error in itself, it\'s called a \"fault\" because you lose performance whenever the OS does swaps from RAM <-> hard disk). So I would check carefully anything to do with RAM and virtual memory. Check your settings in control panel, system, performance. Despite what Win says when you do this, it\'s a very good idea to set the swap file yourself. Set Min and Max to the same level - I\'d recommend 128 Megs for you. Also you might check your vcache settings in system.ini. Rather than explaining this it might be easiest just to download cacheman from http://www.outertech.com/ and use that to handle vcache settings. Finally, you could play around with your RAM and temporarily remove any ram that might be suspicious and see if GS now works.

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