Just thought I\'d brighten your day by describing the latest trauma Gigastudio has presented to me.
I loaded up Gigastudio, then Cakewalk. In my excitement I then proceeded to rough out a new composition. 10 maybe 20 minutes down the line, when I first sensed that there was a kernel of something worth saving, I tried to save it..... hmmmm

So I tried to save it.... hmmm
Then I tried to save it.... errr
I tried to save the damn thing.... WHAT!!!
Save you b****rd!!!!!.... oh f**k!!!

Yes, you guessed it, Cakewalk did not respond in any way to my incessant attempts to save. So I had to watch, with tears streaming down my face, as some rather good chance experiments blinked off into non-existence.

Maybe this is some weird Pulsar2, Gigastudio, Cakewalk conflict but, whatever it is, its really quite a bummer to say the least.