Hey Everyone,

I had been using gigastudio 160 with absolutely no playback glitches. Then today I updated it to version 2.01.26. Now when I play back even one midi track (w/ only single notes being played, regardless of instrument, etc) I hear constant pops, crackles, etc. There is no clipping going on anywhere as seen by various output levels (software, hardware). I know people often mess with vcache settings, etc, but my problem certainly is not related to that. My problem is not a resources problem (before the update it was producing flawless audio output). What could it be about the update that is messing things up? Could it be a problem with the wstream file?

Any advice would be appreciated. Ironically, I upgraded because I heard 2.01.26 was the least buggy, now I am having the worst problem imaginable!

Couple other points: I use delta 1010 which has GSIF drivers and is on the compatible hardware list. Also, changing the bit depth, etc, etc, etc in gs has no effect - the glitches happen no matter what, even if I add lost of attenuation I can still hear those glitches. This makes me think that there really is a simple, fundamental problem going on, like maybe a bad dll or something.

Ok, just noticed something. This problem is only happening when playing back from cakewalk in a project that has audio and midi tracks. If I delete the audio tracks it works fine or if I have the audio output going somewhere other than the delta1010. This problem didn\'t exist before. GS is set to use delta\'s 1/2 outputs and cake is set to use 5/6 outs so this really doesn\'t make sense (especially since there was no problem before!)