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Topic: A Question for Diva Users

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    A Question for Diva Users

    I\'d like to know whether the Diva library lends itself to this style of music:


    This is a rather naked piece--just piano and voice. I am sure many will recognize the vocal sample used here. I\'d like to make more pieces like this and I am wondering if the Diva library is appropriate.


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    Re: A Question for Diva Users

    Ah, elemental my dear Watson [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img]

    Marko, Diva would cope with this stuff really well. It has a similar operatic vibrato, and if you opt for Diva X you get delayed vibrato of variable length, more staccatos (perhaps less \'sharp\' than the ones in your piece) and intervals which sound almost identical to the one around 00.06. There is other material on the Diva library which would probably not go to waste either [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img]

    If you want to get the same \'stretched\' alien diva sound as in the original film track, just extend the range of the top and bottom notes and turn pitch tracking on.

    To be honest, I don\'t think there\'s another library out there which would come as close in this instance.


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    Re: A Question for Diva Users

    Sounds like DIVA to me [img]images/icons/grin.gif[/img] , ok, ok with the legato tool. Like Chadwick said the attacks are not so tight, but the voice timber that\'s really it.

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    Re: A Question for Diva Users

    Thanks Chadwick and Markus S.

    The vocal sample I use here is the female soprano sample from Symphony of Voices. The sample has been widely used. I am looking for other vocal samples that are more flexible and have more articulations.

    The piece has obvious problems with the \'Ooh\' sample. It takes too long to build. The attack is too slow. I don\'t like to spend time programming and editing samples. I am not very good at that stuff. I\'d like a library with samples that are ready to use for piece like the one I posted.


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