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Topic: Radio effect?

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    Radio effect?

    I was wondering what kind of audio plug-in would you use to get a radio-like sound effect, like if the music was coming out of an old radio player?


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    Re: Radio effect?

    EQ, and some light distortion should do the trick. Roll out alot of the low/low mids, and ultra highs. Make it all mid/high mid frequencies.

    You will probably want to record some radio static as well, and maybe some freaky oscilating pitches (electical noise stuff), and then mix it in.

    otherwise it starts to sound like a bullhorn.

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    Re: Radio effect?

    Thanks King! Exactly what I was looking for... [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

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    Re: Radio effect?

    If you\'re on PC, Izotope Vinyl is great for this, and does some OK vinyl simulation stuff as well. And it\'s free!


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    Re: Radio effect?

    Also Grungelizer is cool for doing all the things mentioned.

    Google for it and you will find a download

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