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Topic: Msg32 crash - Unusable GSt160

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    Msg32 crash - Unusable GSt160

    Please, Can anybody help me?
    I was using GSt160 in the last 4 days without a problem (using only 6 programs from Akai and some transfered from an Esi4000 using Translator. Everything\'s fine) but yesterday trying to start a new project that involves more patches, then I have this serious lock up (MSG32 access violation?) and Giga become unusable even with several restarts. I tried everything from other posts with more or less similar problems (video settings at minimum or nothing at all, reinstalling Win98SE, etc.)but nothing works and Nemesys support sucks!!
    I need to use at least 16 midi channels and 64 voices polyphony
    My system is a Gateway GP PIII 733, Intel 815e Motherboard, 256 meg Ram, Quantum Fireball Plus LM 30gig (audio and system) Gina24 with GSIF fix (works OK with Cakewalk 9) and I´m running this system with Giga only!
    Thanks in advance for any advice, suggestion, anything!
    A friend from Venezuela
    Jose Manuel
    PS: Pardon my poor english

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    Re: Msg32 crash - Unusable GSt160

    Thanks for your email Ron.
    It happens in the version 2.01.25 I received and I also downloaded the version .26 and remains the same. I also Installed win 98SE again and still crash. I´m totally lost!!!
    Any suggestion?
    Jose Manuel

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    Re: Msg32 crash - Unusable GSt160

    You didn\'t mention what version of GS160 you have. Is it 2.01.26? If not, I\'d suggest downloading and installing that version.


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    Re: Msg32 crash - Unusable GSt160

    I\'ve noticed myself, that some gig-files converted from akai makes the program hang.
    For instance cavaquinho v-4 A from the Hanz Zimmer guitars 1 or 2, can\'t remember which.
    Gig files version 2 from dream experience AKAI also hangs gigastudio, but not when they\'re version 1.
    ...and more.......

    Is it me, or does the development of this software go painfully slow?
    Where\'s the portamento/glissando effect, and other basic filter adjustments?
    The only thing they add in the newer versions are more bugfixes, that shouldn\'t have been there in the first place.

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    Re: Msg32 crash - Unusable GSt160

    Have you thought about the possibility that the problem is with wn98 Se. I sat this because many people haves been having problems with this version in relation to graphic pads and heavy usage art programs. Load old win 98 and see what happens

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    Re: Msg32 crash - Unusable GSt160

    I too got an \'MSG32 error\' last night, luckiliy when I first started. I would have been real pissed if I lost the song that I worked on all night afterwards! I have old Windows 98 (not SE) and I still get them from time to time when loading sounds into Gigastudio.
    When I do get them, I usually am just wanting to hear sounds so I load and unload them in channel one on the port one screen and after maybe listening to about 12 sounds, I finally get an \'MSG32 error\' as I load in one of the sounds. My whole computer crashes and I have to turn everything off and start again. It didn\'t do this at first when I installed 2.01.26, but now it did it again last night.
    By the way, what the hell is an \'MSG32 error\'?

    [This message has been edited by Damon (edited 12-01-2000).]

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    Re: Msg32 crash - Unusable GSt160

    Yah - you\'re in that \"replace mode\", right? (the only mode suitable for auditioning sounds in any quick manner)

    I\'ve been complaining about this since Gigastudio was first released, and the guys at Nemesys (back when I could actually get one of them on the phone) would just sit there and go \"well THAT\'s strange\" and make me feel like I was the only person on the planet that was having trouble with their program. The sounds that caused the crashes were the \"Dream Experience\" collection in GS format. At the time, that was the only sample collection I had for GS, so I honestly believed that the entire program was far too unstable to be used. Since then, however, I\'ve managed to get some sample CD\'s that actually work.
    I spoke to the manufacturers of \"Dream Experience\" and they were absolutely shocked by my problems - they even went so far as to send 2 replacement CDs to make certain they weren\'t at fault. At first I thought they worked better, but after more numerous fatal MSG crashes, I\'ve determined the same problem still exists.
    They also told me that Nemesys themselves handled the translation from Akai to Giga - go figure.

    Guys, I gave up fighting on this issue months ago. If you are experiencing similar problems that seem like they might be related, for God\'s sake let Nemesys and the sample manufacturer know about it. It\'s going to take more than one voice to be heard above this mess.

    And while you\'re at it, cast a few shouts for a \"disable Quicksound\" function as well!


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    Re: Msg32 crash - Unusable GSt160

    jose, it\'s one of the patches.

    i had the same problem with the MKII Guitar patch from synclavier strings until I ripped it with the built in GS converter, instead of CDXtract 3.3.

    it would just crash GS via MSG32 on loading it, and if Cubase was running it\'d bring Windows down on top of it.

    you might want to try and rebuild/reformat it in GSEdit, or just resave it out of GSEdit as a 2.0 patch.

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    Re: Msg32 crash - Unusable GSt160


    I\'m amazed that worked for you! I (personally) have tried all of the things you describe several times over...

    -I originally bought the samples in GigaSampler format - crashes

    -I went through an entire bank and individually saved each patch within the GigaStudio editor in GS2 form - crashes

    -I contacted the company and they sent me 2 more copies, one in GS and one in Akai format. I tired converting the Akai CD using Translator (which I own) - crashes

    -I tried converting the Akai CD using CDXtract (wich I also own) - crashes

    -I tried converting the Akai CD using the built in SConvert feature of GS - crashes

    -I tried the new copy in GS format that was sent to me - (...guess what...) - crashes

    All of my OTHER samples work fine.

    Your observation on the behavior of v1 samples verses v2 sounds interesting - it seems at some point they were working, and then suddenly began to make trouble. It is possible that the time my problems would begin would be after I convert to v2. I will investigate this possibility further...

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    Re: Msg32 crash - Unusable GSt160


    Version 1 samples make no difference whatsoever (in my case)

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