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Topic: Giga output to Protools

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    Giga output to Protools

    I\'ve got a Pentium/Giga/Gina PC and Protools on a Mac. How is everyone else out there outputting the Giga outs to Audio? One audio track at a time with a bunch of mutes or mixing it all as midi and then recording the stereo Giga file by Spdif? I\'m just wondering if there\'s an easier way than doing 20 passes to get each midi instrument on a track or if it\'s even worth it. Giga doesn\'t seem to make it any eaier - I find the mixer/bussing scheme sort of confusing. But it sounds great and that\'s what matters.


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    Re: Giga output to Protools

    Hi Jeff,
    I\'ve got PT mac and Gigastudio working together. I use GS as any other midimodule. The GS outputs are routed into PT. I use PT as my final mixing desk. My Aardvark 20/20+ has 10 seperate outputs, so I can apply individual EQ etc. in PT. I really love this way of working.

    Hope this helps,

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