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Topic: Playing MIDI files with GIGAStudio

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    Playing MIDI files with GIGAStudio

    If you want to play a MIDI file hearing the sounds of a GIG sound Library, how can you do this; which MIDI file Player Program works best with GIGAStudio?
    Doesn\'t GIGAStudio have a player self to play MIDI files (it would be very handy if a MIDI Player would be added to GIGAStudio).

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    Re: Playing MIDI files with GIGAStudio

    I use Logic Fun, which came free with my soundcard. Doesn\'t have much functionality, but you can play midi files. I have to start Logic Fun from GigaSampler (need to change a setting in GigaSampler, indicating wich sequencer to start),
    otherwise it won\'t connect to GigaSampler.

    Voyetra (?) works too. I got that free with my SoundBlaster AWE 32. A long time ago.


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