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Topic: Cello Grand Sustain?

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    Cello Grand Sustain?

    Can somebody make a Grand Sustain patch for the Cellos? The cellos has this incredible quality to the sound, and it\'d be nice to loop the grand detaches if possible. I don\'t know how to, but it\'d be nice if some could.

    As a sidenote, here\'s something I started today, thought I\'d share it with you folks. Comments welcome:

    ( http://www.geocities.com/a_sapp/Hunt.mp3 )

    Or, if the above doesn\'t work:

    ( http://us.share.geocities.com/a_sapp/Hunt.mp3 )

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    Re: Cello Grand Sustain?

    Nobody up to the challenge?

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    Re: Cello Grand Sustain?

    There is a sustain version now. I have them.

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    Re: Cello Grand Sustain?

    A_Sapp is asking about the Cellos, which I didn\'t make looped versions of the detaches for. It was a judgement call on my part. The amount of work it would ahve been didn\'t seem to be outwayed by the gain in the samples. I had personally found what I\'d been looking for in the normal sustain patches of the Cellos (rich vib). Hoever I know think that people are looking to the attacks of the detaches as a plus as well.

    I came up with an idea that could work, as well as an idea for the lower dynamics, but now that I\'m going to be working on another and BETTER GOS update (actually its been in the works for a bit), I find the idea of going to loop the cellos and basses a bit redundant.

    Give it a few, theres alot of things going on with GOS.

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    Re: Cello Grand Sustain?

    Are you talking about GOS?

    If so, I think the Update of GOS does include sustained Grand Detache\'s patches.

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