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Topic: White Grand goes classica plus a friendly reminder!

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    White Grand goes classica plus a friendly reminder!

    I got a mail from Ian Lawson, one of the White Grand users.
    He told me that he was using the White Grand for classical work and thought that I should maybe begin to consider the White Grand as an alternative for classical music. When I heard his music, I\'m bound to agree!
    The goal when producing the White Grand was contemporary music and modern orchestral stuff. It should work well in a mix. I\'ve received many mails confirming just that. But since the White Grand has so many velocities, it can go from sharp and shimmering to soft and mellow depending on how you play it.
    I think that Ian\'s piece shows just that.
    This is his own mix and he\'s added reverb using a large room from a Lexicon PCM 90 and just a touch of compression.

    Anyway, listen to the piece he played using the White Grand here!

    It’s IMHO a great composition and great playing, and I’m happy that Ian uses the White Grand to express his musical talent.

    You can also go to the his page on Sibelius music here!

    I also would like to remind you that it\'s now just a few days left of the special February offer where you can get a 10% discount when buying the White Grand plus free worldwide shipping.
    Visit SampleTekk for more info!

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    Re: White Grand goes classica plus a friendly reminder!

    There is not one artifact in that demo that my well-trained piano ear deciphers as a sample. Stunning, stunning, stunning...

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