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Topic: Windows 2000 Support Coming Soon!

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    Re: Windows 2000 Support Coming Soon!

    That would be nice for me as well. I only have WinME around for GS160 now. Everything else I use (even some games) work great in Win2k.


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    Windows 2000 Support Coming Soon!

    Just got this message from Nemesys which means that in a few more months, I can stop having to dual-boot my Windows 2000/Windows ME computer.

    Hello Brian,
    We are currently working on Windows 2000 support. We hope to have it ready
    to demonstrate at the next NAMM show (January 2001) if not sooner. For now,
    Windows 98 is the ideal operating system.

    Take care

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    Re: Windows 2000 Support Coming Soon!

    Isn\'t a dual boot system the most stable way to run giga studio and other programs on the same computer?
    For instance I was thinking of setting up my computer with win 2000 for office 2000 ,internet explorer ,mp3 player and all that junk ,and also have win 98 lite on the same computer in a dual boot config running giga studio, cakewalk and effect plug ins only .[have all music apps on win 98 lite and a blooted config on win 2000. What do you think? thanks , Ken

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    Re: Windows 2000 Support Coming Soon!

    Thanx Ron for the input. Ken

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    Re: Windows 2000 Support Coming Soon!

    Yeah, I use a dual boot right now to using Boot It NG. Works pretty well to keep Win2K and WinME isolated from each other. I\'m using Sonic Foundry\'s Vegas Video under Win2K and it works really well. Some people on that software\'s user forum seem to say the same. I agree on keeping the OS\'s separate for what applications needed. If GS160 does end up working in Win2K some day, I\'d probably do a dual boot between 2 Win2K\'s; 1 for office and games, and 1 for Music.

    But as you can imagine, it all probably comes down to personal preference and what exactly everyone wants to accomplish on their systems. The dual boot Win2K solution would make me real happy. For now, the dual boot between WinME and Win2K works great.


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    Re: Windows 2000 Support Coming Soon!

    I am now dual booting between Win98 and Win2k, but the second Win2k GigaStudio support comes out, bye bye Win98 and good riddens!!!!

    Enough of this time wasting dual-booting. Got a quick urge to compose? Well, wait 2 minutes for your computer to shutdown and reboot and then do that again when your done...

    Go Nemesys! Giga2k is on the way!

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