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Topic: WWII - Battle of Hürtgen Forest (Deliverance Demo)

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    WWII - Battle of Hürtgen Forest (Deliverance Demo)

    I am really practising hard with scoring to scenario based environments. This is a video captured with a WWII realtime strategy game made to look like it was captured in the WWII era. I am using a portion of my composition of Deliverance, a composition for Love and War - Salvation, in the background.

    Composition Backgound:
    Deliverance focuses on WWII and the horrors and tragedies that came with it. During the catastrophic events that took place during WWII, one could only imagine how a WWII soldier wished he/she was delivered away from this war and at home with their loved ones. Unfortunately, many did not return home...

    The scenario from the game that is in the video is based on the Battle of Hürtgen Forest:


    Libraries Uses:
    - Vienna Appassionata Strings
    - Olympus Choir Elements
    - Voice of Rapture
    - Online SFX Generator



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    Re: WWII - Battle of Hürtgen Forest (Deliverance Demo)

    Hello Richard!

    I've always enjoyed the juxtaposition of deeply emotional music to the chaos of war, though I would say what is shown in the video game isn't quite as chaotic as war can get. Saving Private Ryan comes to mind when I see something like this. This was a very nice idea, and both the music composition and rendering were superb!

    Thanks for sharing!
    Michael Obermeyer, Jr.
    youtube channel
    soundclick page

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    Re: WWII - Battle of Hürtgen Forest (Deliverance Demo)

    You know, Richard, that I'm definitely not a fan of violence and that certainly applies to war. We knew two world wars in our backyard with terrible atrocities and that is more then enough. These days (for 4 years) we have all over the country numerous WW I remembrances (100 years ago...). I wrote a concert piece as a tribute to all the fallen heroes who defended our most precious goods: freedom and country. I will never consider music as a background support for violence, be it in the virtual world or not. That doesn't mean that I can't appreciate your intentions or your compositions, but for peace's sake, without all these battle scenes. Please let our young boys not be figurants in a virtual war play, they had no choice nor the option not to go fighting...


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    Re: WWII - Battle of Hürtgen Forest (Deliverance Demo)

    Thanks for the listen. Indeed, this battle is more like a skirmish, not even close to some of the other battles like at Omaha Beach. Glad you enjoyed the piece.

    I hope I didn't offend you, I apologize if I did. I know how unfortunate it must have been then. The goal was to recreate a scene to help put a composition into it. Kind of like a war movie. I am trying to compose to the scene. It wasn't meant to promote violence but to express on the sadness and sorrow of the scene and to bring memories of that time. I would rather have used a real movie and some historical footage, but legally and with my resources the game footage is the only thing I could use. Thanks for listening to the piece.



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