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Topic: captured audio not in sync in cakewalk

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    captured audio not in sync in cakewalk

    Hi folks, a little gigasampler problem I haven\'t had before. Here\'s the scenario (pardon the excessive verbiage, but I want to make sure I get it all down)

    Long ago, I gave up trying to record audio tracks in cakewalk while I had gigasampler midi tracks running. Too shaky and crash prone. Since I like to move back and forth between midi work and acoutic instrument recording, I\'ve been in the habit of capturing all giga tracks to one stereo wave, archiving all the midi tracks, closing gigasampler, then recording acoustic instruments, then reopening gigsampler and un-archiving the midi tracks for further recording and editing. Back and forth like this. Recently, I\'ve noticed that the GS audio capture tracks are a tiny hair out of sync with the original midi tracks after I import them into cakewalk (which means, of course, that my newly recorded acoustic instrument tracks are a hair out of sync with the midi tracks too). I have never noticed this before, but it\'s completely disturbing my way of working. Any ideas?

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    Re: captured audio not in sync in cakewalk

    if your sync offset is drifting it might be because you use two soundacrds with two different clocks: Try doing capture while setting the souncard temporarily to be the same as in sequencer.
    If your sync offset remains constant throuought the song it might be due to latency. try offsetting your miditracks a few ticks ahead before doing the C2W.

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    Re: captured audio not in sync in cakewalk

    Thanks, Toby. It appears to be a contstant, not drifitng, sync problem. I haven\'t had the chance to your tip yet, but when I do, I experiment with some simple metrnomic recording and find the proper offset.

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