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Topic: It has begun!

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    It has begun!

    Here we go....the potential saturation of the sample market is already starting to affect me.

    I need some good brass (who doesn\'t...right?) so I\'m prepping to place an order with Dan Dean for his excellent (albeit a bit pricy) Ensemble Brass.

    Now, here comes SAM Horns....I want to buy this too, I like Marteen and I want to support what SAM is doing but...what am I going to do with an extra French Horn? I would probably prefer to just use Dan Dean since it would sound more consistent with the Trombones and Trumpets (same room, mikes etc.)

    I know, I know, you can never have enough good French Horns, but if I have to scrounge for the $700 to get Dan Dean, then my motivation for spending another $100 (even though it\'s only $100) is lessened.

    Is this a sign of things to come? Are we soon going to have too many choices?


    I am ordering SAM Horns anyway, I want to support their efforts and I would encourage everyone needing horns to do so....and they\'re very affordable!

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    Re: It has begun!

    I am planning to exactly that. Maarten\'s efforts need to be commended (and supported). What are some other comments of how these libraries will (may) compliment each other?


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    Re: It has begun!

    Maartens horns sound quite different from Dan\'s - they both sound great though! I am sure you\'ll find use for both recordings!

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    Re: It has begun!

    To support both Dan and us, I know for sure (it has been tested by people having both libraries, ours in beta) that Dan\'s Brass Ensembles and our SAM Horns perfectly mix together.

    They sound different, true, SAM has more ambience and a different \'idiomatic\' sound perhaps, but you can really use them side by side, or even on top of each other.

    So me too will buy a copy of Dan\'s library soon.



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    Re: It has begun!

    Maartens horns sound quite different from Dan\'s - they both sound great though! I am sure you\'ll find use for both recordings!
    <font size=\"2\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">Well Simon, for those of us who only do an orchestral piece once or twice a year, it could be argued that even my current horn (AO) sounds plenty good. It\'s really more of a personal thing. I do wish that Dan Dean would sell his instruments separately, that way I could get Dan\'s Trombones and Trumpets and Marteen\'s Horns.

    This is really not a good comparison though, I mean SAM Horns are very affordable and it\'s really not a big investment to have both, but I am curious to see what will happen soon, when Kirk Hunter releases his Horns, and his collection will probably be priced in the same range as DDBE, then I know for sure that I would not buy both.

    I suppose it has worked for piano libraries, I mean there are tons of those out there, and I can only assume they are all selling well.

    But then again, as you start getting in the higher price range ($500 and up), how many titles will people buy?

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    Re: It has begun!

    I\'ve been working with both.

    And to be honest. I like them both ALOT!

    These libraries both have great sounds and simalar \"bigness\" in the harder dynamics, but after using both I found that I want to go for one or the other depending on the piece. Each has a distinct sound, ad I\'ve been using them I find the differences get more and more drastic in context, while fairly subtle out of context (atleast when you first start to compare). I have tried layering and BECAUSE of the different micing and different players it actually works. The differences actually help make it \"huge\". SAM is a no brainer in my opinion Its an awesome Horn lib on its own. Even if you pick up DDBE, Its an extra set of very usefull horn sounds for very cheap. You get things that aren\'t in DDBE like glissandos and such.

    DD has more range in the lower dynamics and obviously more samples (being chromatic). That doesn\'t stop SAM from being kick butt tho. It really does rawk and to be hoenst I\'m incredibly impressed with it, and its beta. The marcattos are real nice. Worth the lib alone.

    I\'m telling you these libraries are getting REALLY good. I can spend 3 hours on a cue and listen and jsut say \"wow\". Where as before Id spend so much time trying to make things better.

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    Re: It has begun!


    You must have a sample library collection to die for!

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    Re: It has begun!

    probably not as nice as Bruce\'s

    but yah its gotten really nice this past year. Tho I\'ve been extremely busy doing \"other stuff\" to pay for these. Its not like I get them all for free, there\'s some programming and editng and such going on. I also still owe people some work which I feel bad about (the games really been knocking me around this past month or two).

    Still thats not the point. I\'ve finally gotten a chance to start using all these cool libraries the past few weeks. Man I gotta say, it makes quite a difference to have choices. We\'re always lookign for the \"end all\" library, and I jsut dont think there will be one. Even if it has every articulation and varieties of them, its still nice to have the choice to use a different sound all together. What \"fits\" the music, as opposed to \"hey I want a library that can sound like the cue in Attack of the clones\"

    I\'m only realising that after having a few to compare and compose with. I\'ll still use AO stuff for example, they just \"Work\" sometimes. So sometimes I feel like \"comparing\" libraries is useless, since many times its particular tastes taht are the driving one\'s opinion.

    its hard to beat the new brass libs tho. I cant wait to see wwhat Kirk and Nick offer up. The Vienna stuff as well (which I\'ve heard and is really nice).

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    Re: It has begun!

    The Kirk Hunter brass will be out this year, and the price will be very reasonable. The brass is very expressive, but I have not heard all it will be yet (it\'s beta) but the good stuff is really good. I will be getting the SAMs FH because I want to support this, and because I bet it will have its uses. FH can have many voices, and it is a very useful and much used instrument, so you cannot have too many. I used the KH FH a bunch on my latest job, which I am now mastering. I also used a bunch of the GTown stuff a whole lot: it really came in handy (snares, toms, pianofx, anvil...). I am more convinced than ever that natural real room verb is the only way to go. The new stuff came out killer.

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