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Topic: My EWQLSO Silver demo

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    My EWQLSO Silver demo

    Greetings! I\'m a relatively new user here at NS, and I\'d like to take this opportunity to introduce myself. My name is Brady Wright (as you can see [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img] ) and I\'ve been writing music (mostly piano ballads) off and on for a while. I\'m a computer programmer by trade.

    This is my first real attempt at an orchestral composition. It\'s still in a semi-rough draft state, but before beginning major tweaking, I wanted to get the opinions of those on this forum so I don\'t wind up re-doing a bunch of work, as I\'m sure you guys will be able to point out to me things I need to change. And I seriously want honest feedback and critique of this piece.

    It was done entirely with EWQLSO Silver. It still suffers from a couple of issues I still have to figure out. Mainly, some of the instrument gains are set too high in Kompakt, and even though I change them and save them, as soon as I hit \'Play\' in the sequencer, it changes back.

    Anyway, sorry for the long introduction. Without further ado: Pioneer Spirit

    Thanks for your time!

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    Re: My EWQLSO Silver demo

    This demo shows a lot of QLSO SILVER potential!
    I respect your effort!

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    Re: My EWQLSO Silver demo

    Brady, this is a nice sounding EWQLSO Silver demo - but aside from the sounds of the samples, I think the composition was well written. If it were me, I would add some more low end with some basses and some fast tuba runs under the composition. Overall, I like your composition techniqes. Sounds really good! [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

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    Re: My EWQLSO Silver demo

    Hi Brady..

    very niece piece, in my opinion!
    For my taste, there´s way too much reverb though - especially on the strings (which sound great otherwise, esp. at 1:22...).
    And the hits in the beginning ( from 0:28) are too quiet, I feel. When the trumpets blaze like that in a real orchestra its a such a physical experience. In this mix, its all very much one layer, dynamically speaking.
    But this could also be due to the problems you mentioned.
    Might this have something to do with your kompakt reacting to the fader levels of the midi tracks in Cubase (CC#7)?
    Anyway, very cool! [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

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    Re: My EWQLSO Silver demo

    Thanks for your comments! EWQLSO has great potential. If you haven\'t gotten it already and if you\'re on a really tight budget, I definitely recommend getting Silver. I have to restrain myself from over-using some of the instruments because they\'re so grand! If you can afford more, however, I\'d go with Gold or Platinum.

    Yes, that\'s one thing I intend to do is raise the basses. They\'re there, but their levels are a little lower than I want them to be once I\'ve tweaked things. As for tubas, that\'s an interesting idea. Do you have any specific time ranges where you think they would fit well? Thanks for the suggestion!

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    Re: My EWQLSO Silver demo

    Very nice, piece. Personally I like the reverb you used.

    I always set the volumes at the beginning of my tracks. For Silver I usually set them at 60-65. Then I use CC11 for expression. This seems to be a good volume when doing full orchestras and keeps my audio from clipping.

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    Re: My EWQLSO Silver demo

    Nice work Brady although a tad too much reverb for my taste.

    About your volumes being reset in Kompakt... The volume knob for each instrument slot in Kompakt responds to midi volume commands (midi cc7). If there are any cc7s in your song they will reset the volumes you set in Kontakt when you hit play. Also, the midi mixer in your sequencer may also send out cc7 messages which override your volume settings in Kompakt.

    Haydn\'s suggestion would fix this as would adjusting the volumes with your sequencers\' mixer rather than the volumes within Kompakt.

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    Re: My EWQLSO Silver demo


    Is there a list of what cc\'s control what in Kompakt? I can\'t find any MIDI information in the manual with my Gold and Silver versions. Is this info available from NI?

    All the very best,


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    Re: My EWQLSO Silver demo

    You have a free chance to make your snares sound far: G-Town snares http://www.gtownsounds.com/ [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img] !!!

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    Re: My EWQLSO Silver demo


    Hello from a fellow Okie! (I was born there, anyway) A nice, well-orchestrated piece with an interesting journey from the Celtic open through the Wild, Wild West and onto a grand Horner-esque finish. I agree that the verb is heavy, and for me the only real bothersome \"sample thing\" was the lyrical trumpet solo near the end---a tough one to pull off without sampled intervals or some sort of legato tool. Of course, I\'m a trumpet player and will be unreasonably hard to please. Keep up the good work!

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