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Topic: Gigasampler shuts down

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    Gigasampler shuts down

    I´m a completely newbie conserning Gigasampler and are looking forward to getting to know more about the \"maschine\"
    But I can´t get it up and running. Everytime I try to start the program it shuts down producing \"an error in MFC42.dll which, in my system is situated both in WindowsME-system and in BlackIceDefender.
    The other two programs bundled whith GS seems to work, although I don´t know the use for them yet.
    My computer is a 700 mhz AMD Duron with 256 MB Ram and the soundcard is Event-Gina.

    [This message has been edited by hvidtfeldt (edited 11-20-2000).]

    [This message has been edited by hvidtfeldt (edited 11-20-2000).]

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    Re: Gigasampler shuts down

    Try turning off DirectSound in Control Panels/System/Gina by Echo....


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    Re: Gigasampler shuts down

    Thanks a lot Simon, it worked.
    Tusinde tak Simon det var bare det der skulle til.

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    Re: Gigasampler shuts down

    Helt i orden

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