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Topic: Support for Garritan World Instruments

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    Support for Garritan World Instruments

    I'm trying to use the Mandolin from the World Instruments. I am programming from a computer, not a keyboard. How do I reduce the vibrato? The vibrato speed (control 17) seems set at 24% while the vibrato amount is at 71%. I can change the settings on the control panel but they snap back to the preset when I start to play the midi. I am using Sonar 8.5 producer to sequence and play. I have tried to sequence controller events but they have no effect. What should I use?

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    Re: Support for Garritan World Instruments

    I stumbled across the answer when I was trying to control the loudness. Controller 1 controls Vibrato Amount. The Mandolin also seems responsive to velocity commands. Why is none of this in the manual?

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