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Topic: Project Sam questions -

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    Project Sam questions -

    Nomatter how many great demos I listen to. I cant seem to stop being deeply fascinated by the ProjectSam.com demos. All four are great and I have a few questions regarding this.

    What gear are they recorded with? It sounds very clear and dynamics are really impressive. I mean REALLY impressive. You make MP3 files look good!

    Secondly - what soundcard did you use and are ALL demos made with ONE version of GigaStudio?

    Excuse me for these newbie questions. I would just die to know how such a good \"sound\" is made. Where they remixed? Did you use external processing? What reverbs are used? EVERYTHING!

    Dear God! Help me!

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    Re: Project Sam questions -


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    Re: Project Sam questions -

    Hey Lewis,

    I answered all your music related questions on the other thread.

    If you have questions about the library please contact us directly.



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    Re: Project Sam questions -


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