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Topic: Denny Jaeger Strings RULE!!!!!

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    Denny Jaeger Strings RULE!!!!!

    And I dig that new Robert Palmer tune, \"Addicted to Love.\"

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    Re: Denny Jaeger Strings RULE!!!!!

    Yeah, I\'m addicted to spooky a s s lookin\' women dressed in black.

    Elvira\'s pretty hot too by the way.

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    Re: Denny Jaeger Strings RULE!!!!!


    I really respect your work, I have several of your libraries and over the years your comments here have been useful, informative and amusing...

    But recently!.... What are you on man?... Have all the years of sample developing suddenly got to you?? Most of your recent posts have been pointless, stupid and not worth the energy it took your talented fingers to type them!

    Please... will the non-brain-dead Nick return from holiday... PLEASE!


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    Re: Denny Jaeger Strings RULE!!!!!


    Nick ..if this post is a reaction to the PS/MV/GM post then I\'m sorry... I agree with you!
    If this was just a random thread because you were bored.. I don\'t! [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]



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    Re: Denny Jaeger Strings RULE!!!!!


    Now I scroll down to the \"2000\" thread!!!!!

    What\'s happening here?!!!!

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    Re: Denny Jaeger Strings RULE!!!!!

    You\'ll need a good FAST 486 computer with AT LEAST 8 meg of ram to run that string lib.

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    Re: Denny Jaeger Strings RULE!!!!!

    Another blunder from the man. I\'m sure there has to be alot of people like me thinking, \"If I were his boss I\'d...\" He could make anyone richer beyond anyone\'s dreams!! But the mouth, my god the mouth!!!

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    Re: Denny Jaeger Strings RULE!!!!!

    They were very expensive and I was really curious beyond the borders of sane curiosity. Then someone I knew bought them and said it was the best purchase he ever did. \"You will gladly ditch your stupid Roland samples the moment you heard them\", he said. I came over to his place, listened to them, and actually felt sorry for the guy. \"S T E R I L E\", I kept thinking, \"S T E R I L E\". But I couldn\'t tell him, he was so happy. I was happy too cos I didn\'t spend any money on them.

    Alex Cremers

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    Re: Denny Jaeger Strings RULE!!!!!

    Still don\'t get the purpose of the thread, though.

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    Re: Denny Jaeger Strings RULE!!!!!

    Nick was poking fun at the ooooold threads that strangely appeared here yesterday, e.g. arguments about Akai orchestral libraries (e.g. Dennis Jaeger) and the like from the nineties (e.g. Robert Palmer, may he RIP). Papa fixed it before some of you had a chance to see the mayhem on the board, so you won\'t get the joke. Nick hasn\'t lost it.

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