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Topic: TC M-ONE XL or Lexicon PCM-70?

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    TC M-ONE XL or Lexicon PCM-70?

    I hesitate between getting new TC M-One XL (TC M-One with improved algorythm of all reverbs) - I\'ve heard only very positive comments and reviews - and old Lexicon PCM-70 - very old unit, but I\'ve heard it has much better reverb than MPX serie, but worse than PCM-80 (and PCM-80 worse than PCM-90). TC XL is about $500, and the old PCM70 usually about $650 used. What do you guys think is better?

    It is sure when I buy one, for a very long time I won\'t be able to buy any other.. so it\'s for me importatnt to know some skilled opinions which one of them would be better. If I would be choosing between MPX1 and M1 XL, I would choose M1 XL for sure, but PCM-70... maybe I\'m a bit lean to PCM. On the contrary PCM-70 is very very hard to get, and if, it\'s more expensive than M-One XL. And I\'m not sure if PCM-70 has these nice clear reverbs for Acoustic piano, guitar etc as M1 XL has. It\'s just hard to decide which one.. But maybe I won\'t be able to get PCM-70, because none will sell it at a time, so It will be clear.

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    Re: TC M-ONE XL or Lexicon PCM-70?

    I have used both and love both \'verb boxes...but they are very different sounds. The general verb characteristics between TC and Lex holds true in this comparison. The PCM70 has the traditional Lex sound. I describe it as warm & fuzzy. Its a verb that takes up a fair amount of space. The TC stuff has more clarity to it. A bit more transparent. The M One and XL are no exception. I generally find that the TC stuff is better for mixes that are more dense and Lex stuff for music that is less dense.

    The M One is a dual engine box. You can run two verbs at a time. The left input can feed verb 1 and the right input can feed verb two. Both verbs will then come out of the stereo outs. Real plus to have two at a time.

    The M One ambience and short verbs can\'t be beat for the money. The PCM 70 is also a bit noisy on the analoge outs. I would personally lean towards the M One if it\'s going to be your only verb. Plus they can be had for about $400 USD. You\'ll save some bucks too! Good luck.

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    Re: TC M-ONE XL or Lexicon PCM-70?

    Thanks for valuable informations, mattzen! So TC stuff seems best for price/value. I\'m only not too sure which unit, because: There is also cheapest new M300, with very limited edit options and with only few ROM patches (in comparison to more expensive units). I tried to find some info, but - some people say that - the reverb (basic reverb sound) engine is taken from M-One, others say that from M3000 {as non-editable M3000 sound=M300), and finally others that from M-One XL (they say it\'s better than original M-One, but much worse than basic M3000 sound). It\'s really confusing. I\'m looking just for basic sound, I don\'t care for editing, tweaking options, so I\'d like to know what\'s the difference of basic sound between M-One XL and M300. Because, in theory, M300 could sound better than M-One XL, who knows.. For example M5000 (very expensive) has the same sound engine as M2000. And M3000 has much better, improved sound. But it\'s less tweakable than M5000, so it\'s much more cheaper.
    I\'d really appreciate if anyone knows this and could answer. (I don\'t think anyone will, but why not to try to ask [img]images/icons/rolleyes.gif[/img] )

    And there is still one thing I don\'t understand well - the routing of M-One is allready clear to me, but not the fact how\'s possible that there are only dual patches??? I really don\'t understand it. M2000 and 3000 have separated single and dual patches. But M-One claims to have dual only. For example Patch 01 - M-One XL HallS, 02 - etc.. And there are not pachtes like 01 - M-One XL HalL (only one). It\'s really strange.

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