To The king idoit,

you recommended Real MEga Drums s an alternatice to Bob Clearmountain. Well i bought it straight away as I needed an alternativve for Bob and just cwasnt happy with Real Drums etc

The Mega Drum disc is good and ive used in a few jobs already. So im happy. Mainly used the cymbals. They sit better in a lotof the not so inyour face tracks. Less work in the mix.

so thanks for the recommendation.

I also bought The Country cd from Sample heads.
I have a rural doco to put some transition music
so thought i\'d grab that for some colour.

Sorry guys but its a wste of my money. Most of the smaples you cant loop. Ive managed to scrape a little use out of it by basically opening up all the wavs and editing and rebuilding. But, most is not useable in loops. A really poorly thought out project. Dont buy it..should be priced at $25 US.