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Topic: ...crashsolution for Gstudio...?

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    ...crashsolution for Gstudio...?

    hello everyone,

    does anyone know, if there is a HD size-limit for Gstudio?
    i´ve got a 45GB ide-hd, and my Gstudio crash during initialization...
    [GSTUDIO caused a failure because of a wrong page in modul GSTUDIO.EXE at 0167:0041cf1b.]

    or could it be a damaged gig-file, although Gstudio should not load anyone during first start...

    maybe someone can give me any tip

    thank you + bye


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    Re: ...crashsolution for Gstudio...?

    Hello again,

    in the meantime i was able to checkout my problem a little bit better:
    -the reason of the pagefault of Gstudio depends on, if my 45GB HD (Caviar-WesternDigital; partitioned in two parts) is connected, or not.
    If not, everything works fine.... :-|
    but one of the first reasons, i bought that HD was the GIG-file-storage-reason!

    When i added the HD to my W98se, my bios (P2B-LS) didn´t find it, so i had to install somthing like a additional biostool, provided by WesternDigital and then my BIOS recognized the HD.

    So i think this must be the reason, why Gstuio crashes during the update of the \"local sampler\".

    Does anyone know a solution for that?
    I would be very very happy for any tips

    thx in advance!!



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    Re: ...crashsolution for Gstudio...?

    Hy Chris Beck, Hy hurchalla,

    thank you very much for your help, i disabled the EZ-addon-bios, then my \"real\"bios was still able to recognize the HD, but both partitions had gone
    At least with PM i was able to recover one of them and the best: GStudio doesn´t crash anymore!!!

    (please don´t ask me why that didn´t work during first HD connection...???)

    Best wishes!!!


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    Re: ...crashsolution for Gstudio...?

    I use a 10,000 gig hard drive for audio and a 500 gig drive for programs with 2 gigahertz of ram. Everything seems to work fine now.

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    Re: ...crashsolution for Gstudio...?

    Damon, if you want to be funny, please don\'t make mistakes like measuring ram in Hz....

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    Re: ...crashsolution for Gstudio...?

    I use a 60 GB (IBM) drive with no problems.

    So there is no theoretical HD size limit, at least not lower than 60 GB.

    Hope that helps

    - Chris

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    Re: ...crashsolution for Gstudio...?

    Check the microsoft website to download a patch. It sounds like you\'re getting hit by the bug win98SE has with very large hard drives. The IBM 75GXP is definitely susceptible and yours may be as well. Sorry I can\'t give you exact download site, but try Windows Update first, that would be the first place I\'d look. Good luck,

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    Re: ...crashsolution for Gstudio...?

    Actually Simon, some of the guys that work out in Hollywood in post production graphics do us 2 \'gigabytes\' of ram. I guess that would be around 2048 megs. Forgive me sir for saying \'hertz\', my mistake. Sorry you didn\'t find that funny, I guess you have to be completely serious everytime you post here.

    [This message has been edited by Damon (edited 11-19-2000).]

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    Re: ...crashsolution for Gstudio...?

    Well, your post was ridiculing other peoples writings about hardware configurations (which is pretty good to know if you want to do any troubleshooting), so I think when you couldn\'t even do it right, you deserved to get payback...

    And what is that **** about being serious etc.. Have you studied all my postings or what? You\'ll see numerous smileys, but your post was just not funny.

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    Re: ...crashsolution for Gstudio...?

    Whatever dude. I wasn\'t trying to ridicule anybodies hardware configurations. Take a chill pill.
    Peace out

    [This message has been edited by Damon (edited 11-19-2000).]

    [This message has been edited by Damon (edited 11-19-2000).]

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