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Topic: New composition (first time on this forum)...

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    Re: New composition (first time on this forum)...


    Thanks to both of you!

    Robgb: some friends of mine told me the same as you about the reverb. I think I choosed to do that way because I wasn\'t convinced by the quality of my reverbs.

    Christianb: I put the two different parts together at a later stage (actually when all was done). There is for sure a better solution than just chaining them.

    Thanks for your nice comments!

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    New composition (first time on this forum)...


    This is one of my first attempts with VSL (1st edition). I would be very happy to have your opinions about it...
    Here it is:


    Thanks for listening!
    [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img] MichaŽl

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    Re: New composition (first time on this forum)...

    Good stuff! I like just a LITTLE more reverb, but composition and performance-wise it sounds great.

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    Re: New composition (first time on this forum)...

    Hey Mikhail,
    It\'s very funny. My very first post on this forum also started with the sampled orchestra tuning up and the maestros baton calling the troops to attention. That, I\'m afraid , is where the similarity ends. Your piece is actually good. ( I listen to mine on occasion to keep myself humble)
    Very nice comp. I prefer the first half. It keeps you guessing as to what is coming around the corner. Good tension, but also a bit playful. I would like to have heard a bridge of some sort between the two halves tho. Nice work and welcome to Northern.
    Despite a recent cluster of unproductive tomfoolery by some newly registered a**wipes... not a bad place to get some feedback and ideas.


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