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Topic: The Latin Bassoon?

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    The Latin Bassoon?

    This is a latin style piece that features the bassoon. I don\'t think the bassoon is a traditionally included in this style of music, but given my sample library, it seemed to best sample to use.

    Please give it a listen and tell me what you think.


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    Re: The Latin Bassoon?

    This is a fun piece. Brilliant really. I wouldn\'t change a thing. Great!

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    Re: The Latin Bassoon?

    Great and Original!

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    Re: The Latin Bassoon?

    Look for a CD by Valle Son and hear more basoon in a cuban traditional context. Unfortunatly the Sax Player was murdered 2 weeks after returning home to Cuba for $200 he had on him.
    They also have a new album coming out soon, it is currently being mastered.

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    Re: The Latin Bassoon?

    Hey Marko,
    just like your string pieces, this has a unique and thoroughly enjoyable style. Your the only cat I know around these parts filling this niche and I like the way you fill it. I always start out thinking... hmmmm... what the hell is this... and then I end up getting it, and being the better for having listened to it. All your stuff rests comfortably in my itunes library.



    ps thanks for stopping by that other desolate place

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    Re: The Latin Bassoon?

    It´s really nice. Actually it´s seems to be a mix of several stiles.

    What about a samba next time???

    I´m just kidding , I don´t like samba!!!

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    Re: The Latin Bassoon?

    Cool--Lalo Schifrin meets Danny Elfman! Very creative, Marko. I loved the fact that the bassoon was at times a little too on top of the beat compared with the \"hipper\" players in the group. Imagine the look on most bassonists\' faces if you asked \"can you lay back more?\" Would love to hear a more ballsy trombone tone on the solo, but personally I\'ve never heard a sample that sounded like Raul de Souza! Nice bass work.

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    Re: The Latin Bassoon?


    It does have a cartoonish demeanor to it. I think the xylophone and piccolo contribute to this.


    Yes! A baritone sax would do it. I can imagine Hameitt Bluett (from the World Saxophone Quartet) playing this, but he would hit a lot of notes off the chart, notes that I do not have samples for. But I think the baritone sax would do it.

    Jamie and Nick,

    Glad you like it.


    I will look for some recordings by Valle Son. Is that the name of an ensemble or an individual?


    perhaps I will do a string trio version of this. (Oh no!)


    Well, perhaps I can do a samba that you\'d like


    Thanks. The trombone sound is actually a euphonium sample. I initially had this section done by the bassoon as well, but I wanted a little more variety. I need some brass samples with more effects and articulations.

    The bassoon and euphonium and piccolo are Dan Dean samples.

    Thanks for listening. I would have responded sooner, but I have spent most of my day trying to get a new sampler and sounds installed on my computer and I am not having success.


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    Re: The Latin Bassoon?

    check Caribou Records.
    Valle Son is a group, and good friends of mine.

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    Re: The Latin Bassoon?

    The bassoon seemed to fit in rather well with the piece. While this is definitely a little outside of my comfort-zone with critiquing the genre, I did feel the first transition from the bassoon to the rhythm section seemed a little rough. However, once I listened to the piece in its entirity, I realized the feel you were going for.

    It sounds more like a cue for a show/cartoon that has different musical moments for the emotions/actions in the scene. I don\'t know if this is how it was intended, but it was very creative and seemed very well done. I hope this helps! [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img] It was nice to hear a change of pace in the music normally posted here.

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