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Topic: Do u have this bug also?

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    Do u have this bug also?

    when playing a .wav file from the distributed wave section, the sound is playing the left and the right on the center,

    if this is true then we\'re in BIG trouble, because this is not a true stereo.
    to check it I made a wave file in sound forge that plays on the left side a sine tone of one pitch, and the right a second different sine tone (a different pitch),
    no matter what I can\'t play one tone on the left side and the other tone on the right side- they both play in the middle!!!
    (with .gig file this is not happening).

    please, if someone knows how to solve this thing it would be great- because with no real stereo all the \"giga\" myth is falling apart.

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    Re: Do u have this bug also?

    I noticed the same thing! It sucks because sometimes I want to incorporate a wave file (drum loop for instance) from Cool Edit Pro into Gigastudio and it sounds mono. It definitley isn\'t true sterio. I wonder if you can convert the wave file into true sterio in Gigastudio?

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    Re: Do u have this bug also?

    When you convert to gig make sure you check the stereo option in the instrument wizard. Works great.

    PaPa Chalk


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    Re: Do u have this bug also?

    How do you convert a wave file to gig? When I type in a wave file in the \"quicksound\" finder, I get the file, but when I right click on it, it doesn\'t allow me to convert it to gig. Everything is greyed out except \'properties\', \'sync directory\', \'load sounds into palette\', and a few other things, but no \'convert to gig\'.
    I\'d appreciate any help on this, because I would still like to use some of my CD-Audio wave files and incorporate them with Gigastudio.

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    Re: Do u have this bug also?

    Damon, you should open the instrument editor and hit the New button- then import the wave file to the instrument, make a new region (a stereo region)- then drag the file to the velocity map (if U want to ignore the unity note- then drag it with the right button of the mouse) save it all and load the new instrument.

    now that I know it is not just me- it make me very very sad.
    a. I just finished a four day marathon- to export all the loop sounds (and similar)- to wave files- all for nothing.
    does Nemesys plan this thing? are they plan to fix it? -this is very,very,VERY important -because even though the GUI is fantastic, and the sampler capability is amazing, and the all concept is great- with bad mixing algorithm- we defeats the all purpose -making MUSIC.

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    Re: Do u have this bug also?

    NoaM_H I think you missed my reply before all you have to do is convert to gig and check the stereo option
    in the instrument wizard. Very simple.

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