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Topic: Audio problems SBLive-GS-Cubasis

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    Audio problems SBLive-GS-Cubasis

    I have 750mhz Athlon with an SBLive. I am a new user of GS and I had it running well last night with Cubasis. I know that the SBLive is not multiclient, so I couldn\'t play audio through Cubasis, but now, even if I just load Cubasis on its own, it refuses to play any audio. I\'ve checked the system menu and it says Cubase is using the audio channels, and Media player etc has no problem playing audio, so why has Cubasis stopped playing Audio?

    Please help!!!

    Cheers in advance


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    Re: Audio problems SBLive-GS-Cubasis

    The SB Live is multiclient. Go into the Audio HQ window in the Control Panel and click on the Device Controls icon. In the Wave tab, there\'s a slider there that allows you to control how many programs can be open up at once. If it\'s set to 0, you can\'t open up more than one program. I have it set to 4 and have no problems working with more than one program at once.

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    Re: Audio problems SBLive-GS-Cubasis

    The slider on the wave tab is set to 32, but I still can\'t get audio to play from Cubasis even when gigasampler isn\'t running, but can use Wavelab or Media Player. Why??????????

    Please help,


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    Re: Audio problems SBLive-GS-Cubasis


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    Re: Audio problems SBLive-GS-Cubasis


    Cubasis played audio fine until I installed Gigasampler.

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    Re: Audio problems SBLive-GS-Cubasis

    Are you starting Cubasis with the \"Seq\" button in GS?

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    Re: Audio problems SBLive-GS-Cubasis

    Cubasis doesn\'t even play audio if I reboot and then open Cubase without GS running at all. This is what is puzzling me.

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    Re: Audio problems SBLive-GS-Cubasis

    Even stranger is the fact that if while audio is playing (silently) and I then disable audio and then turn it back on cubasis then plays about a bar of audio before and then cuts out again. If I load up internet explorer or Sibelius while audio is playing silently then the audio starts to play but cuts off again about a bar later! When I shut down another program the audio starts to play for about a bar!

    This problem is totally bizarre but is definately something to do with the way that GS takes control of alters audio settings on the PC because there were no problems audio-wise whatsoever before I installed GS!

    Can anyone help



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    Re: Audio problems SBLive-GS-Cubasis

    I\'ve been trying a few different things to see if I can find out where the problem lies, and it seems to definately by Cubase connected. I installed both the Cubase 5 demo and the full version of Emagics Logic Fun. Cubase 5 has exactly the same problems as Cubasis in that it starts to play audio but then pops and crackles and the audio drops out, but Logic Fun plays audio and Gigasampler together with no problems whatsoever. Logic even works the symchronised capture feature in GS which I haven\'t managed to get Cubasis to do!
    If anyone has Cubase/Cubasis installed alongside Gigasampler and an SBLive could you please let me know what all your Audio settings are so that I can try and solve this problem. (I really don\'t want to end up using Logic Fun! as Cubasis/Cubase is far better.)

    Thanks for any help in advance,


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