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Topic: Struggling Cubase/GSt MIDI playback

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    Struggling Cubase/GSt MIDI playback

    As I add GSt track to MIDI-only file in Cubase, in the busiest parts when 14 tracks play together, All display functions (meters and all moving object) stagger and sometimes CDU meter clips red (without even going up in the bar - steady less than 10%) and finally playback may break.

    Anyone knows how to deal with it? I have Athlon 800Mhz - 192Mb RAM, 40gb HDD and SBLive dedicated to GS, TB Multisound Pinnacle dedicated to Cubase.

    Could video acceleration settings do anything with this?

    Any advice?

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    Re: Struggling Cubase/GSt MIDI playback


    My limited experience showed me that simply having the audio section of Logic enabled - even without trying to record auidio tracks, caused problems when running Gigastudio midi tracks.

    I disabled audio and things ran better, but it is still possible to load up, for example, a large piano file and a few other big files and cripple the PC by using lots of voices (even though I don\'t get to 160. I had the same slow down to the point of locking up - with a sequence of only 60 notes polyphony. I think it was a combination of the Gigaspiano and lots of sutain pedal being used on a rhodes sample.

    A gentleman named Neno Siskov has a small utility which you can run before running Gigastudio, which is supposed to optimise the PC for Sequencer/Giga/Audio performance. I haven\'t had the guts to apply it to my new PC. Nemesys haven\'t made any comment on it yet.

    Unfortunately, very few people have posted their results with it to this forum.

    The utility is available here:

    Also, check out this thread by Killerbobjr.
    It has tips for streamlining your PC.
    http://www.northernsounds.com/ubb/NonCGI/Archives/Archive-000002/HTML/20000314-17 -000003.html

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