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Topic: upcoming Bosendorfer 290

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    upcoming Bosendorfer 290

    on our web storage space

    we just posted two new demos from our new library, the Grandioso Bosendorfer 290.

    Beethoven time!

    You hear the two basic variations of the library: an 8 layer dry instrument (8 recorded velocities pedal up, pedal down and release samples) and a 16 recorded layer wet piano.

    Let me know what you hear, we\'re really close to a release candidate here and want to know your ideas!


    Michiel Post

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    Re: upcoming Bosendorfer 290


    i love this Bosendorfer.

    I prefer the \'wet\' version.

    i just think that the sound is to much filtered.

    I prefer a Piano with a lot of harmonics.

    It\'s just a opinion.

    However, This sampled Piano seems to be good !

    but it\'s a mp3 demo.

    A demo .gig will be welcome !!!!!!!!

    Good work !!!

    Very good Piano.




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    Re: upcoming Bosendorfer 290

    anything more specific, perhaps?

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    Re: upcoming Bosendorfer 290


    Nice demo. The instrument appears to be quite well-balanced across the keyboard. I\'ve only managed to listen on headphones but first impressions are really quite good. I\'d really like to hear the release samples in a bit more detail, particularly on stacatto passages, if at all possible. When\'s this one likely to become available Michiel?


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    Re: upcoming Bosendorfer 290

    The piano tone is excellent...I really like the overall sound of it...it\'s a great classical piano feel. What\'s totally throwing me, though, are the releases...is it me or do the notes sound like they\'re cutting out way too quickly rather than trailing off? There\'s hardly any release time. I noticed it in both the dry and wet demos. If anyone can articulate it better, please jump in.


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    Re: upcoming Bosendorfer 290


    Let me preface this by saying that my overall impression is that this is an excellent sampled instrument. However I do have one bit of (hopefully) constructive criticism. In both versions, wet and dry, at time index 1:26-1:27 and again at 1:33-1:34 I find the bass notes unconvincing. To my ear they are unnaturally harsh and the release samples do not seem to be as accurate as the rest of the passages in this recording. I feel that if this sampled piano has any weaknesses it is in the reproduction of staccato sounds. Once again, this is only my opinion. I hope this is in some way useful.


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    Re: upcoming Bosendorfer 290

    Originally posted by Michiel Post:
    anything more specific, perhaps?
    <font size=\"2\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">Michiel,
    FWIW, I agree with Scot, the release times on the stuccato layers seem too short.
    The tone on the mid to highs sounds really good, but the lows didn\'t sound very good. The reverb helped, but did NOT solve the problem.

    I have a couple of questions; 1) does this piano have sostenuto control, is this even possible with Gigastudio?, 2) how about a soft/damper pedal control?


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    Re: upcoming Bosendorfer 290

    I totally agree with Rick. . . how can anyone sample a piano without sostenuto? I relate it to sampling a trumpet without a mute. Michiel, if there is anyway that you can incorporate this into your Bosendorfer, you will have a winner.

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    Re: upcoming Bosendorfer 290

    Thanks for the feedback, gentlemen! I\'ll go back to the editopr and fiddle a little with the releases. The release time is mapped to the modulation wheel control, so you can easily adust it to taste, but I agree the notes cut off very abrupt in the staccato part. I will adjust it to a normalised value when used without using the mod wheel so that it sounds more natural. I\'ll post the new demo this afternoon.
    The bass notes in the demo are very loud in the midi file and thus bump out very unrealisticly, again I coan fix this but on the other hand it\'s one of the strong points of this sample; the immense dynamic range. I\'ll look into this, maybe the release is also giving this low very loud notes away as fake. I\'ll check furhter.

    The library will be available very soon, perhaps within a month.
    Sostenuto: This is cuurently not possible within the GigaStudio environment. However, we developed a midi pedal that avtually offers it. It has nothing to do with programming of the samples; you can use it on any sound (piano or other). The pedal is finished and will also be available soon. We have a small problem with the supplier but when we have enough orders for it we can deliver it in two weeks. The sostenuto pedal is a smart box with must be plugged into you existing midi-chain, after the master midi keyboard and before you enter the PC. It will work with an extra footswitch. Sometime when you have a sostenuto pedal like in the Yamaha series, you can connect it to this pedal box. Sometimes you will need a new footswitch.
    Sostenuto has nothing to do with samples, it\'s merely a control issue.

    Michiel Post

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    Re: upcoming Bosendorfer 290

    When you go to the demo area
    you will find a new Mp3 called \"PMI B290 wet beeth corr.mp3\" that has the changes. I used the mod wheel fully up for the longest release time there. The file is a little soft but the encoding was 320 kbps so you\'ll hear the general idea anyway.

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