hi guys!

i\'ve also posted this in hardware, cause it\'s kind of both. if you haven\'t read it yet, please read on

i\'m thinking about controlling a PC DAW running GS with a G3 powerbook running DP, with the final goal of burning demo-quality CDs.

my concerns:
i don\'t have a big studio. pretty minimal, in fact what\'s the bare minimum of hardware/software i\'d need to burn a CD using only the gigastudio sounds from the PC? what would this look like?

i know that the fact that I\'m on a POWERBOOK is problematic (no expandability on the mac), so i think i\'d have to do the digital audio on the PC. Can I do what\'s necessary using GS alone? Do I need another software program? I\'m new at this

i really appreciate anybody\'s ideas!