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Topic: BFD Question

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    BFD Question

    Well after having spent a good amount on Atmosphere, Trilogy, and Culture, I need to now get myself squared away in the drums department. I have it down between DKH2 and BFD, but I read 2 posts here where people say BFD forces you to use a set number of cymbals, etc. Is this true? In a way I hope it is because then it will make my decision all the more easier!



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    Re: BFD Question

    I don\'T really know what you mean with \" a set number of cymbals\" but what I know is that they are working on a cymbal package coming out later this year...
    hope this makes the decision not worse

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    Re: BFD Question

    You should definitely check out new DFH Superior from TOONTRACK, which I have seen at NAMM and it was more than \"WOW.\"

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    Re: BFD Question

    Yes, with BFD, your drum set can only have 3 cymbals and 3 toms. Just take one look at the screen shot and you\'ll see. To me this is a show stopper, as I like the play with way more toms and cymbals. (I\'m a big Rush fan...)

    Of course, it comes with more than 3, but you can only have three at a time in a \"set\".

    I\'m quite pleased with using DFH on the DR-008 sampler. Works quite nicely and is easy to program.


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