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Topic: Westgate and EXS24

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    Westgate and EXS24

    Has anybody here imported the Westgate Woodwinds (either version) into EXS24? Any major or minor tweaking required? According to Tim, there are some modwheel crossfades---which are notorious for not importing properly (if at all). Velocity and keyswitching generally import well.

    I\'d love to buy this library, but after GOS and LOP, I\'m exhausted by all the tedious massaging necessary to make everything work in EXS.

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    Re: Westgate and EXS24

    Hi Sean,

    Do you have Translator or CDXtract? I\'ve found that they make it easier on the import side. I have found that they typically convert pretty well with using one or the other (I have both). I don\'t own Westgate Winds so I can\'t help you specifically with that library. I do know that the exs-24 built-in converter doesn\'t work as well as the 3rd party utilities.


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