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Topic: MIDI-to-wav w/ gigastudio?????

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    MIDI-to-wav w/ gigastudio?????

    Hey everyone,

    How do you convert midi files to .wav with gigastudio? I noticed it has an audio capture utility (which always causes gigastudio to crash!!), but it seems that you have to manually play the midi file external to gigastudio. If that is the case, then that is a problem because now there will be an offset between the time you play the file and the time you hit giga\'s record button.

    I am wondering if there is a better way. Otherwise what I\'ll need to do is play the midi from cakewalk and then record onto another track by using my soundcard\'s digital mixer as the input to that track. That way there is no alignment issue - the wav data appears where it should with no offset problem. Then again, maybe I just don\'t know the proper way to make gigastudio do the conversion...


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    Re: MIDI-to-wav w/ gigastudio?????

    Audio capture IS the only way to turn midi files which Giga plays into audio, unless you want to use an external recorder.

    From what I\'ve read it DOES work, but you need to set up a few things in Cakewalk first.

    I think this has been discussed here before, so try a search with \'capture\' or \'cakewalk\' as a key word.

    I think you have to enable the \'send midi start/stop\' function in Cakewalk and Gigastudio waits for that after, you\'ve hit Giga\'s record button.
    From what I can remember, it used to be a permanent global preference in Cakewalk, but now it has to be turned on for each song.

    Good luck

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