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Topic: SI Silk Road question

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    SI Silk Road question

    I\'m looking to expand my library with some ethnic/world stuff. I just ordered QL Rare Instruments and after searching the archives I\'ve gone off the idea of Ethno World.

    I was wondering about the Sonic Implants Silk Road library.


    The demo sounds fantastic and very authentic. Does this disk consist of loops and phrases or are they playable multi-sampled instruments with velocity/key switching, multiple articulations etc? Also there\'s a nice roomy sound to the demo. Is the room built into the samples or is it a verb added in the mix.

    Dave Marsden

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    Re: SI Silk Road question

    The majority of the disk does contain individually samples notes, although there are some loops and phrases, and in fact the demo was created with those loops and phrases. With the melodic instruments especially, the phrases are included to give you a sense of common ways in which those instruments are played.

    There is not much in terms of velocity switching on this particular disk (most of our other disks contain lots of velocity switching, but not this one). However, there are many different articulations, especially with the percussion instruments, which contain many different hits taking full advantage of the various capabilities of these instruments.

    The reverb you hear in the demo was added in the mix.

    David Fox
    Sonic Implants

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    Re: SI Silk Road question

    I was really kinda surprised to experience how good I found Silk Roads, especially after reading Ryans 3,5 star review at Soniccontrol. It has some great stringed instruments with different playing variations, some selectable through modwheel - really helps a lot for creating realistic lines I think (I havent made anything concrete with the library yet!). Same goes for the flutes - the kawals (is that right?) sound very nice! Also the percussion, both the multisamples and the loops will be very useful for adding a Zimmerish ethnic sound to an orchestral track! Very nice library!

    PS: David, hi - nice to see a Sonic Implants person here!

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    Re: SI Silk Road question

    Hi Guys

    Thanks for the info and insight.

    Are there any demos available of the multisamples being played as opposed to the loops and phrases?

    Simon, am I correct in assuming you prefer Silk Road to Ethno World?

    Sorry for all the questions.

    Dave Marsden

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    Re: SI Silk Road question

    Marsdy, I never tried Ethno World so I can\'t really say anything about that.

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