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Topic: Can someone recommend a good MIDI keyboard?

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    Can someone recommend a good MIDI keyboard?

    Got my Gigasampler up and running with a Yamaha clavinova but noticed that some gigs have lots of options you can use with the mod wheel, ect. Of course the Clav doesn\'t have any of that, so I\'m looking into buying a MIDI controller keyboard. I don\'t need it to have any built in sounds or anything, just a good controller. Any suggestions? I would like one with a good range of options but at a good price. Thanks for any help!


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    Re: Can someone recommend a good MIDI keyboard?

    The best piano feel keyboard I can suggest is the Roland A-90.

    It\'s got four midi ports; Bender; pitch wheel; modulation wheel; 20 assignable controllers....

    5 octave synth controllers are a different ballgame.

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    Re: Can someone recommend a good MIDI keyboard?

    Look for something used at Ebay or the Harmony Central Classified ads. Yamaha DX7\'s are going for just $200, I still use mine(paid over 2grand when they first came out). Many decent synths out there that are pretty cheap now, plus you will get all of their original sounds. A great used cheap analog synth is a Roland JX8P. There are reviews of various keyboards, check out the Synth Zone site. For a little more money used, the Alesis Keyboards have move midi controler sliders on them. Plenty of options out there, but start with \"do you want piano type or organ/synth type action\". From there decide on if Mod Wheel / data slider / Mod pedal are going to be enough Midi controlers for you, if not then the models that have more will be further limiting your options. Next decide if the controler comes with sounds/presets/patches that sound good to you, because you might as well get another sound source for your purchase. Next decide if you can buy the model used, so someone else eats the depreciation on it (Synths really really depreciate). There is plenty of info on the net, do your own research, and if posible listen to it before you by a certain model. Best of Luck

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    Re: Can someone recommend a good MIDI keyboard?

    also try evolution mk261 available from www.floridamusicco.com has good adjustable velocity adjustment and 10 memorys sustain socket all the wheels one is assignable
    very light and a great price

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    Re: Can someone recommend a good MIDI keyboard?

    One warning on the DX7s.

    When they came out, Yamaha had their velocity output set to max out at a lower value than 127.

    On my DX you can\'t get full velocity output.

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    Re: Can someone recommend a good MIDI keyboard?

    With my DX7, put in the Grey Matter \"E\" extension board, which adds lots of midi features and ram to hold 19 preset banks (9 of which have to be burned into a eprom). Plenty of DX7\'s were retrofitted with these, usually adds about a $100 to the used price, but well worth it. As old as the DX7\'s are, they are well built compared to other newer models, and thus have held up well. You can find probably 20,000 free patches on the net for the DX7. This synth has a definate sound though, good electric pianos, chimes, but terrible strings. Again, use your own ears, music is just too subjective to take anyones recomendations to be the word of God (including mine), best of luck.

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